Ramsey Tribute

The young Welshman, Mr. Comeback, Wembley Hero, is officially going to be leaving Arsenal in the coming weeks to go to his new home in Turin. I think now is a perfect time to look back on Ramsey’s time in North London (yes North London is still RED, Fuck Tottenham).


Ramsey came to Arsenal through way of Cardiff for around $5 million, and he is leaving….on a FREE. I hate the Arsenal board…this man is worth the money and Arsenal are again allowing a good player (who loves Arsenal) to go on a free to an Italian club where he is absolutely going to kill it.


Ramsey career at Arsenal started off very well. He came in as a seventeen year old and has stuck with this club for ten years. Obviously Wenger saw something in this young man that allowed him to pull the trigger on signing the Welshman. Ramsey will be in Arsenal folklore for his performances in FA Cup Finals during a time period where the Gunners were not winning any other trophies and not enough can be said about this man who is still in the prime of his career.


Rambo’s Arsenal career started off well until a significant injury sidelined him and forced him to be loaned out for two consecutive years thanks to that scumbag Shawcross and his vicious tackles. It is hard to talk ill of Shawcross because his tackles embody what we stand for here at Two Foot Talk, but goddamn if Ramsey did not have that set back then the board may be thinking twice about allowing this man to go on a free. Hell I hate the fact that he is leaving on free right now and Juventus is about to turn Ramsey into one the best midfielders in the world. That may be a bit excessive but this man was the first Arsenal jersey I ever purchased and I have loved him ever since. While he has had his down moments his up moments are so far above that it is hard not to absolutely support the fuck out of the man.


The biggest moments in Ramsey’s Arsenal career stem from his FA Cup heroics and the absolute rocket he scored in the Champions League. I was over the moon at his performances in not one but two FA Cup finals. He absolutely was the key to winning the 2014 FA Cup with the game winning goal in the 109th minute to end a nine year trophy drought that the Gunners were suffering through. He again played a full 90 in next years FA Cup final to secure the Gunners second consecutive FA Cup. While the FA Cup is not what it used to be it is important to many English fans even though the surplus of money into clubs has completely ruined the lower level teams from being able to compete in the competition. Moving forward to Rambos’ wonderstrike with his left foot from about thirty yards out in a Champions league clash. I cannot believe how clean this man struck the ball and the pace in which it went into the net. Juventus should be thrilled with the quality of player they are getting on a free transfer (as Juventus typically does).


I wish the Welshman all the best in his years to come and I hope that this man gets some well deserved trophies for the quality of performances he put in at Arsenal. Ramsey was often a much maligned player by fans at times and he was also a much loved player at times by the fans. This is the Arsenal story though and no one knows it better than Ramsey. This man has bled Red and White for the past ten/eleven years of his career and I am pissed that we are allowing him to move on this easily. I always thought that this would be his club until the end of his career but fortunes have turned on this lad with a new manager, a board that does not want to spend money, and he seems to be following in the footsteps of Van Persie and Fabregas, but he deserves his opportunity to fight for a Champions League title which Arsenal are miles away from at this point.


Gunner for Life.


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