Random Sh*t The 2nd Chamber

What is going on PEOPLE?!?

Its your favorite Philadelphian Madrid fan here. Yes it is I Young Leg bringing you the next chamber of Random Sh*t.


Now the season is starting up again which means hopefully there will be a need for even more Random Sh*t. Once again I am joined by Drew Pells (@DrewPells) from the On The Counter Podcast, and making his debut Kevin Pettit of the LADS Podcast (@LADS_Podcast). We go over the top headlines from European football chosen by yours truly.

So sit back and enjoy World Football drama being served to you on a very entertaining platter.

*Any font that you see in red is just color commentary from Young Leg made in the editing bay.*

Kevin Pettit: Loud Americans Discussing Soccer Podcast


Twitter: @LADS_Podcast

Drew Pells: On The Counter Podcast


Twitter: @DrewPells

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