Ranking VAR’s Effect on Club Morale

So obviously this week, and the opening week of the Premier League were all it took for people to fall deeply in love with VAR (Video Assistant Ref). I hear people complaining that they can’t even celebrate goals the same now, they have to wait to make sure their happiness is not snatched away from them. Well I am here to say stop complaining it’s only been two weeks, we got a whole season (And then some) to deal with it.


So let me get to my main point now which is ranking the top clubs that love VAR, and ranking the most butt hurt clubs with VAR.

Happy Clubs

1. Tottenham Hot Spurs – So obviously Tottenham is #1 because not only did VAR help get them to the Champions League final, they also managed to disallow a 92nd minute winner from Man City (AGIAN). Now if you are a spurs fan and you are complaining about VAR just shut up and appreciate what the soccer gods have given to you. Maybe they will bless you with a trophy next.


2. Leicester City – Leicester has been playing some good football starting the season with two difficult match ups against Wolves, and then Chelsea. They ended up drawing both games, but the club played good football and worked hard for the results. However in the 0-0 draw against Wolves they found themselves lucky as what would have been the winner by Dendocker was called back due to VAR claiming he was offsides. Good call, but a heart breaker.


3. West Ham – Now I know what you are thinking ” They still got their asses beat by Man City.” Well you are right but I think they should be thankful that ass beating was not even worse. Imagine letting Sterling get a hat trick that much quicker, and the confidence City would of gotten. Instead they were immediately blue balled by VAR because of an arm pit being offsides… An armpit. I don’t know how that really even makes sense but hey I guess we will pretend the VAR room knows what they are doing.


Butt Hurt Clubs

1. Man City – Anyone really surprised? We have been watching Man City get bent over by VAR for its entire existence to be blunt about it. I mean for it to happen to the same team twice, late winners, against the exact same club. WHAT IS THIS FUNNY BUSINESS GOING ON. I feel like we just gave the league of shadows (That’s what I am calling the people who run the league and are shady) an easy way to just control the outcomes of games now. BOTH ARMS WERE HIT ON THE HANDBALL CALL. As a city fan you gotta be butt hurt about this and nobody can blame you.


2. Man City again – I mean come on the first week it was the armpit offsides are you kidding me. Then you blow their winning streak by taking away Jesus’s game winner. Also poor Baby J such a sensitive boy, and he is constantly getting robbed.


3. Wolves – Hard done by the call even though it was “Technically” correct. You score a game winner and the only goal of the match, you run wild, scream with your teammates, enjoy the home fans, tell the away fans to “F*ck off”, and then ERGGHGHGHGHGHGHGH “VAR CHECK NO GOAL” pops up on the big screen. How are you supposed to feel? Butt hurt was the right answer.



Those are the rankings after week 2, BUT don’t worry this type of stuff always comes full circle, if it happened to you, it can also happen for you. Don’t just knock VAR cause your team got screwed because lets face it… When it comes to officials in sports we are all screwed. Enjoy your calls for now, and limit the complaining later.

Just some friendly advice from a Young Leg.


Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@shopaaj)

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