Real Madrid Spending Spree

Hello my fellow Madristas, *Obama Voice*


it has been a forgetful year for Madrid fans although we did secure another Club World Cup championship everything else was a sh*t show. From the lack of scoring, to locker room problems, to early exits, and third place finishes Madrid fans have been through the worst winners hang over in a while. After 3 straight Champions Leagues their leader and manager Zidane stepped down, and one of the greatest players to don the all white Cristiano Ronaldo has taken on a new journey in Italy. The year sucked we went through 3 coaches, lost our European crown, finished behind Atleti and Barca…. All around just a sh*t year to have to watch.

BUT… Madrid fans there is light at the end of the tunnel and that light seems to be GALACTICOS. giphy-1.gif

or maybe these kits cause PHEWWW FIREEEEE!


Now if you are thinking in the evil maniacal way that I am then you are thinking the transfer window is just getting started. If you aren’t well maybe you should be more optimistic but lets take a look at the business that Real Madrid has done already.

First things first is Madrid addressing issues which were a player with confidence and skill to make the offense deadly, a finisher to help Madrid finish chances and finish off games, and finally something to sure up the back line after a horrible year defensively. Now I am going to be fair here and blame coaching since this year Madrid went through 3 coaches, but heres what we got to fill the void.

  1. Eder Militao- (50 Million) – The 21 year old Brazilian Center Back from Porto is exactly what Madrid needs. After the woeful year from Valejo and Nacho some more talent in the back is needed. Eder Militao made 29 appearances allowing only 13 goals and helping secure 19 clean sheets for Iker Casillas (Who we all know probably played a part in the transfer). The young centerback is known for his consistency in keeping the ball, staying relaxed in the back, and keeping balls out of the net. At 6ft 2 inches he is also another tall, pacey, young, center back under the Zidane tutelage just like his future partner in Crime Raphael Varane. Eder Militao also accounted for 5 goals, 4 assists in all competitions and is an aerial threat. Looking forward we will be seeing some more competition in the Madrid back line, more youth development, and hopefully a lot more clean sheets.


2. Luka Jovic – (60 Million)- The 21 year old Serbian striker had a hell of a first year over at Frankfurt and even made them challenge the top 4. He accounted for 27 goals in his 48 appearances for Frankfurt. 10 of them coming from the Europa league making him one of the top scorers in European competition. After Frankfurt made the 10 million purchase they sold him for a 50 million profit. Luka Jovic is known for his finishing ability and pace. He makes creative runs and finishes by any means necessary.


His finishing ability is exactly what Real Madrid need after a year where they only had one player finish in double digits for goals (Benzema 30). A player who will be surrounded by the creative talent of Isco, Benzema, Asensio, Kroos, Hazard, and all those guys has to have other Madrid fans feeling as optimistic as I do. I have no idea how we will be  lining up but I can’t see it not being dangerous with our strike duo.


3. Eden Hazard- (88.5 Million)- Eden Hazard well he does not need much introduction after 7 years in the premiere league with Chelsea he has made a name for himself across Europe. The 28 year old Belgian playmaker is a very nice new shiny toy for Perez to put in the locker room. After a great final season that saw him to a Europa league title 21 goals and 17 assists Eden Hazard left the blues in one of the best ways they could of asked. A brace in the final and a trophy to send him off. He heads over to his dream club, who have been flirting back and forth for the last few transfer windows finally made it happen. He comes in to go out and win he has already established himself as a world class talent now all that theres left to do is fill the trophy cabinet even more. The combination of Hazard and the Madrid attack under Zidane is something most people only see on FIFA, but next year we will get to live that as Madrid fans.


Although I do have my doubts about Hazard, and bringing us what we really need which is goals my mind is at ease with the signing of Luka Jovic combined with Hazard. The endless possibilities of player combinations is mouth watering. Between Isco and Hazard, Benzema and Hazard, Benzema and Jovic, Vinicius and Hazard down the wings. AHHHH its all just too much at this point. The thing is in my mind Real Madrid are just getting started with the 18/19 budget ending in June and the 19/20 budget starting July 1st, Madrid still have a whole nother years budget to spend in July and August. YOU KNOW WHAT I WANT. mba.jpg

Either way Perez is at the helm and he has no problem spending the massive amount of cash needed to make his team the best in Europe once again. Dont believe me? Well you are smelly come argue with me about it on Twitter @shopaaj.

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