Real Madrid Win Double

Well folks its happening again their might be no football, but that would never stop Real Madrid from making history and winning titles. Obviously the news of Spain’s football federation saying that their leagues will remain on hiatus and no solid plan of when it will be back. Well La Liga like many other stars are making the most out of what w got. After Reguilon and Iglesias played each other in Fifa and got an audience of 60 thousand people I assume La Liga got the idea.


La Liga created the first ever La Liga E-Sports Championship! Essentially they made a bracket style tournament where a player from each team would control their club and go head to head with the other Spanish league super stars. For Real Madrid we had the young gun Marco Asensio representing us. He has been injured since late last year and is on his way back. This was the best possible job Real Madrid could of given Asensio as they planned his return for April to the real pitch. The man behind the tournament is Ibai Llanos.

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 9.28.12 AM.png

The path was not easy for young Marco Asensio, but that means nothing when you use a juggernaut like Madrid. After Villarreal won their match to face Madrid in the quarter finals Asensio put on an absolute clinic. He deafeated Villarreal’s Manu Morlanes 5 to 1. This man opened up the competition with a can of whoop ass. Talk about starting strong, I mean this man hasn’t been on a pitch for almost a year I assume he has been spending time making FIFA tactics.


On to the semi finals where Asensio wasn’t done just absolutely stomping people into the ground. Asensio defeated Eibar’s Edu Expósito, 7 yeah…. SEVEN to 0. SEVEN TO ZERO PEOPLE. Exposito is fresh off a victory against Barcelona’s Sergi Roberto who was forced to forfeit. He had to forfeit due to sponsorship issues since Barcelona is technically owned by Pro Evolution Soccer’s Konami. I mean this was a tournament for charity going towards COVID-19, but of course money comes first in Varcelona. This just in Barcelona hates charity I guess. (This also happened to Mallorca but I am focusing on Barca being scummy)


After what seemed like the easiest path to the finals Asensio faced off against Leganes. Leganes had a very long path to get their as well I assume Aitor Ruibal is just very good at FIFA. The reason I assume that is because he took down Athletic Club 7-3, and Alaves 3-2 who took down Atletico Madrid. Now this is so impressive because HE HAD TO USE LEGANES THEY ARE IN 19TH PLACE. Now on top of having to use a not very good team he played all teams that were better than his. This speaks levels to me about his FIFA, of course they did run into a big, white, WALL. Marco Asensio with a goal from Luka Modric, Gareth Bale, and a brace from Asensio himself see the trophy head back to the Bernabeu a beautiful 4-2 victory.

A double for Madrid! The Spanish Super Cup and now the La Liga Santander FIFA challenge Champs. What a thrilling season.


What an absolute killer post match picture from Asensio’s Instagram (@marcoasensio10)

Now I know what you are thinking “I miss football” and “I don’t want to watch video games.” Well tough sh*t. We are all stuck inside, their is no sign of sports returning soon; and Real Madrid are CAMPEONES. This charity did end up raising about 140,000 Euros to go towards helping fight COVID-19. If that doesn’t bring a tear to your eye that everyone was able to get on FIFA to make the world a better place than I don’t know what will. Shoutout to UNICEF for helping the tournament be as profitable as possible to help out everyone going through it right now. Stay inside. Wash your hands. Lets get football back people.

Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@ayoungleg)

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