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As a former history teacher I am very fond of the saying “if we do not learn from history, it is destined to repeat itself”. Unfortunately this saying always proves itself to be true, especially since the coronavirus has officially hit Italy. Now is the coronavirus exactly like the Plague? No. Did the Plague originate in China? Yes. Has it been contained? No. 




Serie A has had to cancel numerous games this weekend because of an outbreak of the coronavirus in the Veneto and Lombardy regions of Italy. The concerning part is that it would appear the coronavirus is moving westward through Italy and eventually may impact more than just Serie A. The matches that were postponed include: Inter Milan v. Sampdoria, Torino v. Parma, Verona v. Cagliari, and Atalanta v. Sassuolo. The big concern is that Inter and Atalanta are 3rd and 4th in the Serie A table fighting for champions league position as well as giving Juventus a run for their money. 


The affects of the coronavirus pandemic are not only affecting the Serie A but could have an impact on Europa League as well. Inter has a home contest against Bulgarian side Ludogorets midweek. No one knows if this fixture has to be postponed but it could cause serious problems throughout world football, especially if the disease is not contained.


It is extremely disconcerting that in the midst of the football season we have to discuss a disease that threatens the health and safety of the entire world. We are in the year 2020 and we still have not figured out a way to avoid the spread of diseases that can harm the majority of the world population. The fact that the disease in question originated in China, AGAIN, raises serious concerns about their ability, as a country, to work with the nations of the world to prevent this spread. I really could care less about China being accused of covering up the seriousness of the spread of the virus and its origins (it is not the time, nor the place) but I am extremely pissed off about the fact that their incompetence is leading to consequences for the hundreds of dead and thousands of infected. 

I am even more pissed off that this is having an impact on sporting events throughout the world, and if you think this is only going to happen in Serie A then you are wrong. The globalization and every interconnectedness of the world today makes it extremely easy for these dangerous viruses to spread throughout the world at a rapid pace. Shit there were multiple movies made about incidents just like this…the movie Contagion is literally about this virus…it was made in 2011. Ligue One, La Liga, the Premier League, Eredivisie, pretty much any league on the planet may lose matches to the virus at some point during the season and Serie A is the first to be hit.


We can only hope that these games will have a chance to be played before the end of the season and that there is a way to stop the spread of the virus because it is clear that quarantining individuals is not working. 


Ashes. Ashes. We All Fall Down.

Written by: Tyler “Tweeder” Bond (@tybond16)

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