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Another week without football. Honestly at this rate I cannot wait for games to be starting up again. I might even purchase season tickets to the Philadelphia Union just so I can watch some professional football live, as many times as possible. Being cooped up in the house for hours on end, not to mention the weather has not been great (except for this last little stretch here in PA), there has been literally nothing to do. 


Okay now that I have gotten my complaining out of the way let us focus on the transfer market, specifically focusing on AS Roma. Oh my beautiful Italian club, what do you have in store for me? We will be building in the hopes of capturing a Scudetto? a Title? Frankly I would be happy with securing a Champions League spot consistently. Currently La Lupa is playing second fiddle to their biggest rivals, Lazio, who have come on strong over the last couple of seasons thanks to the absolutely absurd scoring of one Ciro Immobile. 




  1. Mario Gotze:

The German international who scored the World Cup winner in 2014 has fallen off the pace for the past couple of years and Roma would be a perfect spot to revitalize his career. Still relatively young, the 27-year old has been plagued by myopathy and struggles to maintain a starting place in the Dortmund line-up, a line-up that has a lot of talented youngsters in their ranks. Gotze could help Roma from an attacking standpoint and, with the right treatment, start to see regular minutes for the Roman side. It would be nice to have player to unlock opposing teams defenses and feed the pace of Zaniolo and Kluivert. 



  • Diego Costa:


Costa is a proven goal-scorer and while he has not had the best track record at Atletico over the past couple of seasons he would certainly provide a scoring threat that would help share the burden with Dzeko. If Dzeko is sold this summer then Costa is a must-have for the Roman squad whose depth at the forward role is lacking. It very might well be a situation where Roma, if they do not pick up a striker, will have to rely heavily on Zaniolo, a Zaniolo who is coming off of a knee surgery. Costa would be the ideal option to bring in, but he will need to continue to score goals at a high clip.



  • Andrea Belotti:


This is a move I would very much love to see happen. Belotti has been constantly liked to Roma over the years and the infusion of the young italian striker (26 years old) into the side could help Dzeko carry the weight of the goal-scoring duties or completely replace him within the squad. Belotti deserves the chance to perform at one of the bigger clubs in Italy, that is not a knock against Torino, but Belotti could truly shine as the next great Italian striker for the next five years. Belotti could also make himself into an integral part of the national team with a move to a bigger club. Roma needs to start looking to replace Dzeko and in Belotti they would have the right choice.



  • Stephan El Shaawary:


The man who left Roma for the Chinese Super League has said that he wants to return to Rome after spending the last season in China. I am not going to lie, this would be a huge pickup for Roma and El Shaawary is still relatively young at 27 years of age and could provide significant attacking help from the outside, especially with Under linked to a move abroad. He could slot back into his old role and club and create a more dynamic attacking threat. Roma should certainly try to make this happen as soon as possible.



  • Gaetano Castrovilli:


This young italian midfielder has had back-to-back promising seasons on loan at Cremonese from Fiorentina and would be an outstanding pickup for the Giallorossi. This is a pipe-dream as Fiorentina have already rejected a bid for 40 million from Napoli, but Roma are in desperate need of midfield help with the possibility of Cristante moving on from the club. Gaetano would certainly provide a spark in the midfield as he can cover box-to-box much like de Rossi did in the early part of his career. 



  • Radja Nainggolan:


It is certainly a possibility that this will occur. Nainggolan has stated that he would love to return to the Roman club, a club that essentially kicked started his career. I recently watched a series of clips of Radja’s play at Roma and he was utterly dominant. While he has aged significantly, 32 years old, he could be the anchor that sits in front of the defense, much like de Rossi did in the later part of his Roma career. In my opinion, this would inject life back into the Roma side and bring back that grit and intensity that was ever present during the de Rossi and Nainggolan years.





  • Edin Dzeko:


Roma has stated that this is unlikely to happen, but the 34 year old is towards the end of his career and it would not be ideal for Roma to sign him to another expensive long-term contract. The man has done extremely well for the Giallorossi but it may be time to move on. Frankly this is bittersweet for me as he is a proven goal-scorer, of which Roma are currently lacking. If he does go then Roma will definitely need to sign one of the two aforementioned strikers.


  • Cengiz Under:


It is more than likely that the Turkish international will be leaving Roma this summer as many clubs abroad are looking to poach the winger. Personally I would rather have Kluivert have a more prominent role as Under, at times, lacks the consistency that is needed for a winger. He does score some memorable and heroic goals, but if El Shaawary is to return then, in my opinion, Under is a surplus to requirements.



  • Chris Smalling:


A move that I do not want to happen but is becoming more likely. Smalling may be recalled to Manchester United after his stellar season on the Roma backline. Smalling seemed to have found redemption playing in Rome and I would like him to stay, but the play of Maguire and Lindelof at United has been subpar and Smalling provides that experience of playing for Manchester United. 


Written by: Tyler Bond aka Charlie Tweeder (@tybond16)


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