Ronaldinho Conspiracy Theory

Well it is conspiracy theory time once again here at TwoFootTalk. As I am sure you have heard by now Ronaldinho was arrested in Paraguay for using a fake passport. He has been in Prison for almost a month now, with no release of bail because he is a high probability to leave the country. Rumors circled Messi was going to be paying the 3.25 million to get him out, but those have been confirmed false.


Ronaldinho’s lawyer used the best defense possible to get him out which was “Ignorance of Law” he claimed Dinho just flat out didn’t know it was fake or that he was doing anything wrong. He went as far as to call Ronaldinho “stupid” to try and get him out. That didn’t work and as soon as you see a famous person in jail for this long for doing something that wasn’t even a serious crime for a celebrity you know something shady is going on. I mean you know it’s Ronaldinho why does he even need a passport are we going to act like there is multiple Ronaldinhos out in the world. That would be like trying to throw Brad Pitt in jail, or Leo DiCaprio. Like famous people as much as we hate to say it are above the law. So the fact that he is somehow still in jail doesn’t raise any eyebrows for anyone?


Here is where the conspiracy theory comes in and I did mention it on the podcast in our last episode when we talked about his arrest. I mentioned how I thought it was all a set up to try and get him on their prison football team. I was expecting an Adam Sandler longest yard type of situation where he would get framed for some BS then have to lead there team to victory. Once there was fights over which team would get the Brazilians signature on their squad in the yard, the tournament was already decided.


Low and behold a week later (over this past weekend) the prison had YEAH YOU GUESSED IT a football tournament. They held the tournament within the prison in games to 11. The winner would earn a suckling pig as the trophy and if that a doesn’t sound like one of the greatest feats in football history you are wrong. Imagine they gave away animals for every major tournament how DOPE would that be. Win the Champions League you win a dragon. Your clubs facilities would become a zoo of championships. Thats awesome!


Now the original rule was Ronaldinho would not be allowed to score in the match, but his team must of either sucked or he is just to DAMN GOOD. Obviously rules don’t apply to Dinho since in the final he scored 5 goals and assisted the other 6 for the victory. I’m not sure if people thought this was going to go any differently, but this is Ronaldinho he is the greatest football player to ever play the game. If he went on a world tour of just running through random competitions like this I would watch every match. This is what he was born to do. I have it on good belief the warden is going to have to take this squad to the next level, we need to see Dinho dominate Paraguay’s justice system, just like every other country he has played in.


I believe that with his legs back Ronaldinho will be making his way into the Paraguayan history. If we don’t see more competitions for him to play in why is he even in jail. I think there will be some sort of decree where he will have to score like 50 goals, win 5 championships, and then he can win his freedom. I don’t think laws have anything to do with Ronaldinho still being behind bars. He has connections, fame, and money (or atleast friends with money). There is no way another human being should be able to hold Ronaldinho in jail. There has to be a bigger picture here like the Paraguayan Prisoners Football League just got a new ringer. Did I just create a whole new football league in this conspiracy? Yes, yes I did and you are welcome for bringing back a legend. #FreeDinho.


Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@ayoungleg)

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