Sead Kolasinac Arsenal “Legend”

Yeah, you read that right. I Young Leg have decided that this man is now an Arsenal legend after talking to multiple Arsenal and football enthusiasts.


I am sure you have seen the headlines with Kolasinac and Ozil, BUT if you haven’t let me shine some light on it for you.


Ozil and Sead were in North London and as Ozil tried to enter his car some masked men pulled up on Mopeds with knives. While trying to enter the car Ozil was rushed by the robbers, little did they know Sead Kolsinac fears nothing as he leapt to the defense of Ozil fighting off all the attackers. Arsenal then checked up with the two players who are fine, but missed the next preseason match against Lyon.



There is even some footage of the fight on social media swirling around, which made it even more impressive. Some Arsenal Fans are even pushing for Kolasinac to be given the armband for his actions. AND IN MY OPINION GIVE IT TO HIM. Arsenal’s current captain Koscielny is AWOL looking for either more money, or a move to different club. Why not give him the armband he protected one of your clubs most valuable assets even if he doesn’t show it on the pitch all the time.


Sead Kolasinac although he might not of been one of Arsenal’s most stellar players all the time is still someone I can see as a leader, someone who is loyal and wont leave you in a fight, someone who can stick up for you, someone who you can count on. Also Arsenal you don’t have a ton of other good options. Let’s be honest as far as Arsenal goes currently Hector Bellerin is looking like he might get the arm band.


SOOO Arsenal I say give it to Sead, or have a fight to the death for it…. I would love to see a Sokratis-Kolasinac fight. Maybe toss some old school weapons in there. Something about Kolasinac with a flail seems right to me, or maybe some double swords. I am just spit balling here people but I am Team Sead.

Written by: Young Leg (@shopaaj)

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