Sergio Ramos Making History (Again)

As you all know La Liga is BACK! (Insert Cheers) That was a little crowd noise joke… you get it? Alrighty… Sergio Ramos scored the 2nd and eventual winner for Madrid in their 3-1 victory over Eibar. Now being one of the top 3 goal scorers at Madrid for the 2nd season in a row is a huge deal, but still not the history I’m talking about. With his goal against Eibar it brings him to 67 total La Liga goals! That 67th goal tied him with Ronald Koeman for the highest scoring defenders in league history.


The insufferable amount of old highlights that get brought up with this F**king guy Koeman nodding the ball into the back of the net makes me sick. Then I remember that’s how Barcelona probably feels about Ramos. Either way I am not surprised to hear Ramos getting this record, just shocked it took so long.


Yes, Sergio Ramos has always been seen as a ridiculously good attacker from the center back position. He is lethal on set pieces, lethal in the air, and the man just plays good honest Spanish football. However to now have your name cemented in La Liga history next to the Barcelona man Ronald Koeman makes my argument for “Sergio Ramos Greatest All Time Defender” that much easier. I mean you go through the highlight reel and you are going to find some of the most clutch, most acrobatic, most powerful, and most unlikely goals from a center back you will ever see. If you honestly don’t believe me have a look.

Did you honestly think I would say this without throwing in a little bit of evidence? Come on now people! This is Sergio Ramos we are talking about, you know how easy it is to find highlights for this guy. Either way Ramos is now etching himself into history, and that 67 goal record will be shattered…EASILY. Next time Madrid gets a penalty it is all over. PANENKA PANENKA PANENKA!


I mean how demoralizing is it to see the man (who we all know you hate) walk up with the swagger of Ramos,mosey up to the ball… you dive….only to see the ball lolly popping into the back of the net. I mean you can’t buy that kind of composure to pull this off as much as Ramos has. It gives me a warm feeling inside seeing Ramos walk away laughing, while the opposing teams goalie is on the ground staring at the ball in the back of the net. There are 2 words I would like to have you think really hard about when you are trying to stop a Ramos penalty. DON’T REACH! Accept your fate to the worlds greatest defender.


Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@ayoungleg)

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