Serie A Mid-Season Update: With TFT Mike

Alright, alright.

I know I’m late, but we are already past the halfway point of the Serie A season! This season is moving faster than any I can remember and that can be both good and bad. We have seen some sleeper teams moving up the table while having the usual predictable ones. Let’s just say my preseason predictions are really starting to take shape. I knew we were going to see some real contenders for the Scudetto this season and that’s exactly what’s happening.

We are through 21 match-days so far, and Milan and Inter are battling it out for the top spot. Juventus have seen a huge improvement of form since being thrashed by Inter, and have creeped back into the top 3 with one game-in-hand. While we have a true Scudetto race this season, keep an eye on the top 4 race as well. Based on the first half, we can likely predict Milan, Inter, and Juventus will wrap up the top 3, leaving the 4th Champions League spot up for grabs. Although I predicted a number 2 finish from Atalanta, it is looking less likely to see them in UCL next year. 

The real battle for the 4th spot is going to be between Napoli and Lazio. I can’t really see anyone else competing with them at this rate. Both Atalanta and Roma are seeing fallouts between their captains and coaches. Atalanta has seen Gomez leave for Sevilla, and Roma see Dzeko starting to fall out with Fonseca. As we have seen in the past, clubs can have a hard time competing for top spots while simultaneously solving locker room issues. 

Finally, let’s get into my mid-season predictions for the rest of the year. As we have seen for the last 9 years, Juventus will overcome adversity and finish as Scudetto holders for a 10th straight season. Pirlo has the boys finding their stride just in time for Cristiano’s annual step-up in form going into the final stretch of the season. Inter will finish 2nd after a hard fought attempt to steal the top spot. Milan will finish 3rd, mostly because of their trends in recent years to look legit until the heart of the season. Here is my top six at the end of the year:

1. Juventus

2. Inter Milan

3. AC Milan

4. Lazio

5. Napoli

6. Atalanta

Written by: Michael “TFT Mike” Cooke (@mike_cooke3)

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