Serie A Predictions

Here I sit; staring at my UCL tickets for Lyon @ Juventus on March 17th, struggling to make it any further without football but hanging in there. There must be brighter days ahead, right? Well, Serie A teams started individual training and full team training will start again in 2 weeks. All 20 teams voted in favor of resuming and finishing the season, however, the final decision will be Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s. I am holding out hope that this season will continue, because I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself if it doesn’t. We still have yet to hear more from UEFA regarding Champions League and Europa League and I’ll get into some different situations regarding this in a bit, as it may affect the results of each country’s league. Let’s hope I’ll be able to use these tickets in due time.
First, lets talk about France, Italy’s northwestern neighbor. Their prime minister cancelled the entire Ligue 1 season and that frightens me a bit moving forward that Italy could do the same. Italy was the most effected country in the world for awhile, yet all arrows point to continuing the season. I’m trying to contain my hype for the season because it could all crumble down in an instant and we won’t have football until August. We must stay positive and move forward with some predictions for the remainder of the Serie A season. Here is how the table is currently looking:
1. Juventus –
2. Lazio -1
3. Inter -9
4. Atalanta -15
5. Roma -18
6. Napoli -24
18. Lecce +9
19. SPAL +2
20. Brescia –
I have 2 separate predictions for the remainder of the season; one with UEFA competitions continuing and one without. This is because teams such as Juventus, Atalanta, and Napoli are still focusing on UCL, while teams like Inter and Roma are focused on Europa. Lazio, Milan, and other clubs will benefit on having strictly Italian competitions to focus on. Obviously, European competition won’t directly effect the relegation teams, so I’ll include them in either. Here is how I see the table finishing, should UEFA not continue their competitions:
1. Juventus
2. Lazio
3. Atalanta
4. Inter
5. Napoli
6. Roma
Juventus will be able to hold onto first place without the constant priority of Champions League. Not winning a UCL title in over 20 years is starting to have an effect on the club, as well as the fans. They have proven they can win Serie A with their arms tied behind their back, but they need to prove to be the best in Europe. Without UCL, Serie A is a simple first place. With Atalanta already advancing through to the UCL quarterfinals, their Serie A journey will also benefit from not having focus on other competitions. Now, my thoughts on the table should UEFA competitions go on:
1. Lazio
2. Juventus
3. Inter
4. Atalanta
5. Milan
6. Roma
18. Sampdoria
19. Brescia
20. SPAL
Basically, my reasons for placing teams in different spots relate to my reasons above. Lazio would benefit being the only top 4/5 team out of all other competitions, they can focus on Serie A and Serie A alone. I think this takes them above Juventus who need to comeback against Lyon just to make quarterfinals and its a long tournament from there and Lazio can pull away just enough to seal it. I think Inter will hold the third spot over Atalanta and Milan will rise up the table behind improved coaching and Zlatan’s leadership. Sampdoria’s struggles will continue, while Brescia and SPAL stay at the bottom but Brescia should hop up maybe one or two spots once Tonali regains form.
Listen everyone, if we can all hang in there a little bit longer, good things should be happening soon. Just the fact that training is resuming for certain leagues should bring positive vibes back to the sports world. We can do this, together. Stay inside, and go full Dybala when you are forced to go out.
Written by: Mike “TFT Mike” Cooke (@Mike_Cooke3)

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