Serie A Update

Last Wednesday, April 15, the Italian Football Federation came out with a plan to resume Serie A matches by June. The last Serie A match to have been played was over six weeks ago on March 9th, and all league and cup matches have been suspended ever since. The outbreak of Covid-19 in Italy was a major cause for concern throughout the world as it felt as if history were repeating itself once again. Much like the Bubonic Plague, the disease originated in the Far East and migrated towards Europe settling in Italy where the disease would spread across the continent of Europe. While Covid-19 is nothing compared to the Bubonic plague we still have not learned our lesson and we continue to create situations for the spread of diseases.


While the spread is inevitable we can certainly do better in trying to stymie the spread and the message from the FIGC, the Italian soccer federation, is they are planning to resume league matches in Italy. According to a press release from the FIGC: “coaching staff, doctors, physiotherapists, other necessary staff and anyone else in close contact with the players, who will all have been confirmed as negative in testing for the Coronavirus”, which is a positive sign. That coupled with the fact that matches will be played behind closed doors may mean that we will be getting some footy action shortly. 


The push to resume the Serie A season has been met with a lot of criticism from fans and health experts because we simply do not have a vaccine or an adequate testing to see whether or not it is possible to contract the Coronavirus a second time. In a response to his critics FIGC president Gravina had this to say, “those proposing to invoke the cancellation of the season don’t like soccer nor Italians and want to take away the hope of future and restarting games. I’ll hold out until the end…I say it once and for all: the championship must be completed, there’s time. Our entire system would benefit from us restarting”. I don’t know about you but I would want to run through a wall for this man. He basically is telling everyone who is criticizing to go to hell and if they don’t agree then they hate Italians. I have not heard a nationlist sentiment from Italy that clear since Mussolini was in charge, and we all know how that turned out. USA. Back to Back World War Champs.


In all seriousness, it seems like there is at least one league who has somewhat a resemblance of a plan to resume the current season, whether or not this plan is going to succeed is another question. Personally, allowing games to start up in Italy may give the Italian citizen time to focus on something else for a change. The reason we are all drawn to sports is because it is an escape from reality and that escape has been taken away from us; sometimes we need that escape provided by sports and not because our reality sucks, but because we need a mental break from dealing with the everyday stresses of our lives. 


Juventus, Lazio, Inter, Atalanta, Roma. That’s how this season is going to finish.


Credit: FIGC,

Written by: Tyler Bond aka Charlie Tweeder (@tybond16)

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