So You Wanna Be a Premier League Fan?

So you wanna be a Premier League fan,

the football spirit has finally entered your body, the vibe is there, you want to be apart of the football culture across the world. Well I do not blame you. Football is beautiful, it brings people together, it brings out the best and worst parts of people, also its a fantastic reason to start drinking early on the weekends.


So the next step is to figure out who in the hell you can support. I am not going to be one of those people that break down every single team in the English Premier League because 1 I don’t care I am a La Liga man through and through I encourage you to try it, and 2 YALL don’t care either. I am going to give you the different groups of teams that will explain exactly what you want to do. I will give a brief reason to like the squad, and then a little negative to go with it. I am making this as easy and painless as possible guys so lets get started.

The “Good Guys”

So these are the teams that year after year are constantly good, they are always going to be more likely to win the title, easiest teams to watch since they will always be on TV, and you will be watching the best/most well known players.

Manchester City – The Defending Champs easily the best in the league currently, this year they are going for a 3-peat, they have multiple players from the team of the year, they have nice looking kits (Except their third yikes), and they will always be entertaining to watch. Only negative you can’t root for Liverpool, or Manchester United.


Liverpool – The Champions of Europe and the only reason their was a title race last year, this team is very good, they have fresh jerseys, they are super easy to watch with the amount of goals they put up, and they had two Golden boot winners from last season. Also they sing a really cool song. Only negative, you can’t support Everton, and United, also their fans can be rough….

giphy-1.gifTottenham Hot Spurs – Another team that is very good, always challenging to be one of the best teams in the league, and just got a brand new stadium to go with their brand new signings. They have Harry Kane one of the best strikers on the planet currently, and plenty of other creators/personalities to keep you entertained. Only negative you can not support Arsenal, and you pretty much will never win a trophy.


Arsenal – This is the club that had the only team ever go unbeaten for an entire season, and as part of that fanbase it is your job to never let anyone forget. This club has great history, and always gives their fans a ton of hope. There is bright spots because they have great players, but also dark spots for the players that don’t belong. Only negative you can not like Tottenham, and your owner is a grade a c*nt.


Chelsea – This is a team that is under fire currently due to a transfer ban, and another new coach. The coach is team legend Frank Lampard which is awesome as he returns to the EPL, they signed Christian Pulisic (American Jesus), and they have a ton of exciting youth coming up. They will also have Champions League football so that is a bonus. Only negatives you can’t really root for any other team in London, people say you ruined football (Jealousy), and no player/coach is ever safe.


Manchester Utd – So this is a club that was the top dog in England nobody has more titles, the history is incredible at the club so many legends, they have some of the most exciting players in their respective positions on the planet, but they are in Europa league and kind of soul searching currently. Only negative is that you can’t like City, Liverpool, and probably Chelsea too. (For good measure) Also your club is spiraling a bit currently which is never great, but Manchester will never die.


Under Achievers

So this group is the group that has a nice little chunk of money, they buy players knowing they will most likely outgrow them, but hopefully they squeeze some greatness out of them before they go to the big dogs.

Everton – Great stadium, Great fans, love the kits, even got some real talent there this year, but they constantly switch managers and underachieve.


Leicester – They made a run a few years ago that was unheard of and banked off it heavily making tons of money in the process. This process has made them one of the more solid mid table teams and ever brought them to my underdog level which is like 12-7th place on average. Jamie Vardy is a legend and on this team along with some other solid prospects.


Wolves – A team that has some history in the PL, but more recently were just promoted. Had an incredible year last year got to European football, and then bolstered their squad even more. This is a good year to be a Wolves fan, but keep your expectations reasonable. download.jpgWest Ham – A team that always competes but could also be blown out. They spend money on some players that turn out to be great, they also blow it a lot. they have a dope song that the crowd sings about bubbles, and then bubbles fly out AMAZING. But they have an exciting squad this year, did some good business over the summer and will be exciting to watch. Plus nick name is ‘The Hammers” thats awesome.giphy-5.gif

Burnley – This is one of those gritty teams that some people may question why I have them in here. BUT I DONT CARE Sean Dyche is one of the best coaches in the league, he believes in defense first, but also has Ashley Barnes up front. Barnes is just an english striker through and through, Burnley is one of those passionate teams you always find yourself rooting for.


Just Missed It

This group is the guys that just missed my under dogs group, and they didn’t deserve to be in my last group so I will just toss them a very slight bit of love.

Bournemouth – A very solid team much like Burnley with a great coach in Eddie Howe. However their budget always seems to be limited so it take a lot of strategizing and development getting them to maximum overdrive. They play a good brand of football that is very easy to watch for new comers, but have low expectations for goals, and trophies.


New Castle – Another club with a suspect manager in Steve Bruce, and a sh*t owner in Mike Ashley. However I do think they did some good business this summer, and under the right manager/owner (Rafa come back) they could make a splash and challenge some teams. They are a team with some cool history as they had one of the greatest English strikers of all time on the team. Also got some cool kits which is big.



Crystal Palace – This is a team with some cool history, they have a legendary manager in his own right, and they have some exciting talent. Now only problem that talent doesn’t exactly want to be there and the manager in charge doesn’t seem like he can motivate them. I think there is going to be a bit of a rough start to the season, but they will compete like they always do.


Brighton – Brighton’s performances and business they have down over the last two years has seen them move up to this group. They are just teetering on the edge of being a competitive side. I think now would be the best time to be a fan after the business they just completed. Keep your expectations realistic, but this would be an excellent time to invest in a club without seeming like a band wagoner.


Watford – Now this is a team that could be in the under dog group, but after the summer I watched them have bringing in nothing to bolster their roster, while all the other teams they were competing with did I lost a bit of faith. Watford had one of the greatest moments in football history in the playoff years ago and I still get chills. They go by the Golden Boys/Golden Army which is also awesome. As well as their captain being a massive savage going by the name Troy Deeney.


My Dad Liked Them

So this group is really just for the teams that you have to have some sort of emotional tie to the team, maybe you studied abroad in the city, your dad supported the club, you were born there, played for the club, etc. This is pretty much the teams that I have very little or no faith for them to get above 14th place.


Aston Villa – I like watching them play, they will give you a good kit every now and then, they have some cool history/rivalries. Some great players have come through the side, and they have a half decent squad this year. However I still think they will have to fight to stay up and that a few injuries could ruin this squad.


Norwich – The title winners of the Championship last year, but they did no new business that really impresses me at all, they opened the season with a beat down, and I can’t stand their bright yellow and green kits. I think they might even get relegated back down. But hey if you want to pick a real underdog here you go.


Sheffield Utd

This team besides the main man upfront Oli McBurnie (who honestly might be the only reason to support them) are not a strong team. They made it up coming in 2nd last year in the Championship, but after a lack luster summer, and watching the opening game I am not looking forward to having to watch their games this season. I do however love Oli McBurnie and if you support them thats the jersey you get.


Southampton – This is a team that has always been able to compete because they had great scouts, a great manager, and a great academy. The last two season however they have been doing a lot more selling, and a lot less of everything else. This has caused their club to drop in quality severely. The team does have a bit of interesting history, and have had some greats come through. However they are in a downward spiral that I don’t think they are prepared to pull out of.


So there you go people I didn’t mean to offend anyone I have no horse in this race I am just calling it like I see it. My heart lies in Spain so I hope you will take my breakdown of the English Premier League to heart when you start watching at some point this season.

Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa ( @shopaaj )


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