Soldiers of Rome

With Coronavirus shutting down much of Europe and sports action all around the world millions of people are being left without a steady source of income. In America more people have filed for unemployment in the last three weeks than the Great Depression. The spread of Coronavirus is as much of a disease of the body but also a disease of the economy.


Now that the depressing part is out of the way let us move on to some more positive news during this crazy time. AS Roma players have announced that they will forego four months of pay to finish off the season. In doing this Roma players will be supporting the salaries of those workers who have been adversely affected economically by the Coronavirus, and those who have fallen into the Italian social safety net will still be receiving full wages. According to Roma’s press release the players will be receiving those salary payments over the course of the next calendar playing season. 


This was not the board of directors and owner of the club saying that this needs to happen. No. It was the players, led by Edin Dzeko, coming to the board and volunteering to do this during the crisis. Roma has always been a club built on unity and there are several former players that can be thanked for that kind of mentality. Dzeko, Fonseca, and the entire team are living up to that principle right now. Players from every club should be looking at what the Roma players have done and follow suit. It is truly special to see these players recognize how privileged they are to play a kids’ game for a living, and to give back to the community during this time period is the type of positive story that we need to see right now.





Arriva lo squadrone Giallorosso.

Written by: Tyler Bond aka Charlie Tweeder (@tybond16)

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