The Klinsmann Effect

And He’s Back, Charlie Tweeder, writing another article. Fasten your seatbelt folks it’s gonna be good.


Jurgen Klinsmann, complete separation from Hertha Berlin, it is official folks. Klinsmann has been canned from his latest job. Many folks around the world are calling it a scam, and rightfully so but it begs the question: Has Jurgen Klinsmann done nothing to advance the game of soccer globally? 


The simple answer is NO. Jurgen has done great things for the German Football Federation and was on the right track to making the United States Men’s National team a formidable force in world soccer. Klinsmann built the modern day German football machine and he did so by revamping the entire youth system to help develop quality players for the men’s national team. He was well on his way to doing the same thing with the United States team but the lack of results eventually forced him out. I mean just look at the players who came up through the ranks of the US Men’s National Team: Pulisic, Reyna, McKennie, Steffen, Cannon, Brooks, Weah, Adams, and Sargent. These promising young players all stem from Jurgen’s efforts to revamp the youth system in America.

What other problem did the USSF have with him besides losing key matches? Encouraging young players to go over to Europe and play. If you think I’m wrong, be my guest and try to argue that point, you’ll lose.



Now more as to what is going on with Klinsmann that makes him a scammer, as he is being called by numerous media outlets. It only took 76 days for Klinsmann to be let go by the relegation threatened Hertha Berlin. The board has even stated the decision to hire him was the biggest mistake the club has ever made, and they are right. I know I spent a lot of time defending Klinsmann and I will never stop defending Klinsmann….as a youth system developer. He is an absolutely terrible manager. He might be the worst manager in the history of world football. The man does not implement tactics of gameplay well at all and it can be seen in all of his managerial jobs. I will never defend Klinsmann as a manager, he has proven time and time again that his is incapable in leading a team at the club level and national level. 


I really hope that we never have to see Klinsmann manage another squad but I would have no problem with him becoming a youth director/technical director for any team in the world. I personally feel that the USSF should have moved him into such a role, but Klinsmann, from all perspectives, seems to be somewhat of a control freak. All that being said, I think he would do wonders in that type of role. The players who have came out of his youth system, from Germany and America, are truly developing into high caliber players that can perform in any league. 


Written by: Tyler “Tweeder” Bond (@tybond16)

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