The Return of New Castle United

Alright people, obviously the deal is not approved yet so all of this is alleged dreams that I have. New Castle are finally looking to get the deal through to get them new owners and become the richest club in the Premier League. Here is a little list of some of the richest owners in world football to put it in perspective.


Now we saw what money did for Manchester City right before 2010 lets multiply that by 10. 320 BILLION DOLLARS ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!? Now obviously he is going to put just a small percentage of that into the club, but even only 10% would make them the richest club on the planet. Sh*t they could do 1% and still crack top 20. This is just an absurd amount of money and you know all the wandering eyes from across leagues will be looking directly at the Toon Army.


I think this is not only a way for players to get PAID, but it is also a cool movement to be apart of. New Castle is the only club in its town aka one of the most loyal fan bases. As well as you are reviving a team with some amazing history, who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? With the massive carrot New Castle are dangling (Allegedly) I took the time to find them some of the cream of the crop. I found the players that New Castle are looking at and maybe a couple others I sprinkled in. Lets take a trip.


First on the list is the 33 year old Uruguayan Edinson Cavani. Currently on the final year of his contract at PSG where he is the all time top goal scorer, Cavani who doesn’t look a day over 30 can come make an instant impact at New Castle. I feel he is the striker they have been looking for, he has size, can hold the ball up, and can actually finish. (This was directed at you Joelinton) Cavani would not only come over as a free transfer, but it would be the signing of a player with a “World Class” tag on his name. It would show people New Castle are going after everyone, even if he is old I would love to see it.


Next on the list is Nabil Fekir the 26 year old World Cup Champion. This signing comes with a catch that you also have to sign his brother, that is the reason he is currently at Real Betis in Spain. Fekir has already proven his worth by dominating every game he goes into which is why he got on the France World Cup team in the first place. Not only would he compliment Almiron and Cavani beautifully, he adds some much needed silverware to the team. Once again I am looking for people to take New Castle seriously here, if you get a couple World Cups on your team people will know you aren’t playing around. Be wary of injuries but 45 million for Fekir is a bargain.


Next we got Coutinho the 27 year old Brazilian. A player Barcelona are ACHING to get rid of which is crazy in my opinion. After paying over 100 million on the Brazilian Barcelona are willing to accept a bid for 75 million. Now this is a ton of money for a player that has had 2 years of his prime taken from him, I think at New Castle where he gets to be “The Guy” again is the perfect revival for his career. Coutinho has proven his class in the Premier League already with his time at Liverpool, another player to help Almiron get to the next level. He is fresh off another surgery, but I think that could just be used to negotiate his price down further.


Finally a defender Kalidou Koulibaly the 28 year old Senegalese CB. I don’t know how this one plays out since he is at Napoli until 2023 and they DEFINITELY don’t want to sell him. Right now teams are offering close to 100 million for his services which is chump change to the new ALLEGED  owners. It sures up a pretty decent back line already, New Castle have been buying defenders like crazy. If you have Koulibaly anchoring and commanding the back I don’t know how anyone is going to score. Lascelles would get a world class partner, it would allow them to play 4 in the back again. ALSO it would allow their midfield to focus more on attack, especially if you are playing Almiron and Fekir/Coutinho in the attacking roles.


Next one I got for you guys is the start of my sprinkling in random names that would be dope.


N’golo Kante the 29 year old World Champion, the man that covers 30 percent of the planet. I mean this is working perfectly into my system of were going all out attack. You have Kante sitting behind in your midfield then boom you are covered its good you don’t need another one back there. He has 3 years left at Chelsea, but both he and the club are looking else where. I am not sure what team Kante even fits into at the moment because he is World Class, but he would need to go to a top team. Every top team has their midfield pretty much filled defensively for them to drop close to 90 million on a 29 year old. This is where New Castle comes in because

1: Money aint sh*t.

2: They need to bring in talent.

3: You would be taking him off another EPL Rival

What are you not getting here people! I know I made this rumor up, but it sounds pretty good now doesn’t it. I also think he would look great in the white and black.


Next I am just going to pair these two sprinkles so we can all get on with our day and I stop getting excited about New Castle possibly ruining the Prem for everyone.

Jadon Sancho & Kylian Mbappe I mean what really needs to be said here. World class talent that could make a name for themselves at a new project. This is going to be a team that the first big talent to go there you are the guy! It is really an argument about being part of history. I am not stating for a fact that New Castle will be dominant I am just saying looking at all that money and the aspirations of the owners what really makes you look away from it. Two talents here that are electric and will change whatever club they go to. New Castle has the money for them, they have the space for them, and imagine a front 3 of Mbappe, Sancho, and Saint-Maximin. THE PACE.


Like I said before this is all ALEGED information, the deal is not yet done. When it is done WATCH OUT the New Castle fans will have no spirits with Mike Ashley finally gone. They will have new hope with the STACKS they got, and of course they get to flirt with all the big names like the top clubs in the world do. 2020 off to a rough start but this could be the year we see New Castle come back to life. For those of you who would like to argue that money isn’t everything shut up. Look at City and Chelsea and tell me its not all about money.


Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@ayoungleg)

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