The Worst Time Of The Year

One of the worst Mondays of the year is when there is definitively no footy on. Yeah we got MLS, The Gold Cup, and various other leagues. Then you realize we just watched the two best teams in Europe face off for 120 minutes and finish in a historic penalty shootout. We go from that to me waiting to watch Jamaica play Suriname cause I want to watch Leon Bailey run all over everyone. Either way I am going from full on addiction mode, multiple games a day to this….

Going back to what was a beautiful month of footy we saw some history happen. We saw Italy come back to glory after missing out on the World Cup, and Lionel Messi win his first international trophy. Let’s get this Messi dragging out of the way for you Messi fans that don’t want to hear it.

Brazil vs Argentina

By far one of the worst finals I have ever seen. It is in my top 5 worst finals ever. Don’t get it twisted really happy Di Maria was the goal scorer and I love a good chip goal. Just the fact that Lodi should of never been starting, the game was slow as all hell with the amount of calls the ref was handing out. Just really hard to watch, not to mention most of it seemed to be going Argentina’s way. Again don’t get it twisted Brazil was getting plenty of fouls Neymar gonna Neymar, but the 4th minute yellow card on Fred then none for the next 40 minutes was a hard sell. Messi was also virtually invisible this game but got the full 90, he’s had a solid tournament though so I won’t do much dragging. Just know that final game was all Emi Martinez and Di Maria. I compared this match to field hockey because there was a whistle every 45 seconds and I had no idea why. Brazil lost at home in the Copa America for the first time since like the 1940’s another record for Neymar. As much as I hate all the diving he is just pure entertainment to watch play the game. Just moves so smoothly on the ball, and as a defender I understand completely why he gets hacked. Either way congrats Di Maria on a job well done, and I will try not to compare this to the Liverpool/Tottenham UCL final.

England vs Italy

Outside of the embarrassing last few appearances from Immobile this game was everything we asked for ending in England heartbreak. I think we all knew it was coming we just didn’t know it would happen like that. A 2nd minute goal from Luke Shaw gets everyone riled up and then we didn’t get another until Bonucci knocked in the equalizer. That right there is what I think broke England. Harry Kane not getting a single shot on target, starting Mason Mount over Grealing, Sancho, Rashford, DCL. The writing was on the wall. Southgate makes a couple late subs for the shootout and they all end up missing. After a great defensive game from Pickford and the boys Italy comes out as European Champions. I think the early goal messed England up a little where they lost that attacking bite and sat off some. Either way an awesome match, and even better to watch it happen at Wembley.

Now like I said all I have is the Gold Cup with the USA B-Team, and the Union. This is football though so the season starts next month, but still this three weeks are the longest of the year every time.

Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@ayoungleg)

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