This Day in History: Ronaldo in Turin

On this day 2 years ago we got to witness Cristiano Ronaldo add another moment on to his legacy. Not only was it a goal that would eventually help get Real Madrid to another Champions League glory, but it was the way he did it, who it was against, and the reaction from the away fans. Cristiano Ronaldo put a dagger into the hearts of Juventus fans, and still won those same hearts over.

Cristiano Ronaldo helped Real Madrid secure a win against Juventus in Turin. Not only that but he did it in a style that only Cristiano Ronaldo could do. Let’s just dive a little deeper in on this goal that would bring Real Madrid their 13th Champions League title.


Not only was this one of the most spectacular bikes I have ever seen just based off of form, but it was the stage he did it on. He is playing arguably one of the best defensive side in the world at the time. His form on the bicycle kick was not the only perfect part tearing that defense down, he also was able to tuck it right into the right corner on Juventus legend Gigi Buffon. On top of bringing his team an astounding victory in the Allianz Arena he brought the entire arena to their feet. I have only seen a few players get a standing ovation FROM THE OTHER TEAM. Their names were Messi and Ronaldinho two of the greatest players we have ever seen. The love that came from the crowd was so strong that Cristiano Ronaldo felt it and decided he would take his talents over to Turin.


Last point I want to make about this goal cause obviously it was electric and got completely robbed by Mo Salah’s Messi wannabe goal that shouldn’t of even been nominated. My last point is just looking at the reaction from his manager Zinedine Zidane. Now Zidane has tons of his own goals to fill up hours on hours of highlights, he arguably had the greatest Champions League final goal of all time. Zidane’s reaction was absolutely classic, it started off with him looking pissed off that Ronaldo would have the audacity to try such a shot. It then quickly went to him being confused what just happened, then when it finally hit him like “Holy sh*t I think he just made that” he did what all soccer players do when they hit some of that HOT SH*T. tumblr_p9d1t7iRVQ1rpz8s2o1_250.gif

Either way you look at it we are looking at one of the greatest Champions League goals ever scored, but is it the greatest for Ronaldo himself? With 128 Champions League goals you are going to have to go through the tape.


Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@ayoungleg)

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