Tottenham You Hilarious Idiots

I was trolling around the interwebs the other day and found a report that Tottenham is asking Mauricio Pochettino to take a pay cut…yes, Pochettino, the former Spurs manager. 


According to reports Tottenham are still paying Pochettino’s 8.3 million euro salary, until he finds another managerial job. Now granted it should not take too long for Pochettino to find another managerial gig, but the simple fact that Tottenham are still paying him his FULL salary is bonkers. I understand, Pochettino was the last successful manager in Tottenham’s history, but he also failed to win anything (except the Audi Cup, and that does not count). Pochettino, in my opinion, was, and still is, a great manager and the fact that he was able to build up Tottenham’s success through the youth system is truly an accomplishment, and what did he get for it? The boot. I honestly feel bad for him from that perspective, in my opinion, he should have been given the time to continue to build a successful club at Tottenham. However, that is not the way the world of football works anymore and managers are given the boot at the first sign of trouble, even if they have been successful in recent years. Last year Tottenham was playing in a Champions League final thanks to Pochettino’s strategies, this year he was ousted for a poor run of performances. That is just the way it goes.


Now, to the bigger picture, what a tremendous small club mentality. I understand that Pochettino may have had a contract and Tottenham certainly could have bought that out, instead, in their infinite wisdom, decided to continue to pay Pochettino’s full salary. Now that their backs are against the wall they have decided to ask him for a pay cut? Nutso. This is exactly the type of small club mentality that exists at White Hart Lane. Overpaying their current psychopath of a manager and continuing to pay their ex-manager. Tottenham is like a divorced parent paying alimony for years on end at this point. 


I mean how stupid of a club do you have to be to consider doing this? It is insane, especially since they are just now deciding to do this after the club managed to furlough staff for roughly 24 hours. It was not until the media reported this travesty that the club decided to back off on their decision to furlough staff. I mean seriously, what kind of club treats their staff in this way? Scumbags.

Small Club Mentality. North London is Red.


Written by: Tyler Bond aka “Charlie Tweeder” (@tybond16)

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