Transfer That Will Never Happen Cause Arsenal

Here we go with the rumor mill, players can still not be signed so it is time to look into the completely reliable english media to figure out who the hell Arsenal are going to buy. The one thing about the english media that you can rely on is the fact that they are the biggest fucking shit show when it comes to dealing with transfer rumors around the football world. Articles, team targets, player wishes, are literally changing every three hours whenever you read a transfer headline in the english press, frankly it is cumbersome and annoying to try and sort through the crazy nonsense these pundits are putting out there. But hey, you got to love freedom of speech, oh wait do the Brits have that?


On to Arsenal Football Club and their pathetic transfer record of late. There are a couple of people out there who think Arsenal should sell off excess fat and I am one of those people. It is time to let Arteta take control of the squad and build it the way he sees fit into his playing style. There are currently some players in the squad who do not fit into the managers style of play and those individuals need to be ousted immediately.

Personally I think that Mustafi needs to go, he is absolutely terrible, how him and Otamendi were dominant in La Liga I don’t f*cking know. Another player that seems to be on uneasy terms with Arteta is Matteo Guendouzi, now I would hate to see the youngster leave but if he cannot adapt to the style that Arteta wants to play or continues to cause issues in training than you can expect Mikel to send the young man on his way to another club. Hector Bellerin is another player that seems to have just lost his spot and the success of young Saka under the guidance of Arteta should allow Arsenal to shore up the backline by getting rid of Bellerin and signing Saka to a much deserved, long-term, contract extension. 




What Arsenal could possibly bring in? 


1. Thomas Partey

The top of my wish list, based on the rumors I have heard, Partey would be an excellent partner alongside the likes of Dani Ceballos. Built exactly like Alex Song who was dominant during his time in an Arsenal uniform, Partey is the individual to hold down the Arsenal midfield and allow the skill players around him to thrive. He would also be a great cover for a dreadfully poor Arsenal backline as it currently is.


2.Dani Ceballos

Madrid, we will take him. I love this mans’ style of play. He can do anything you ask him to do. You want him to set up goals? Done. You want him to run box-to-box? Done. You want him to be the enforcer? Done. What is there not to love about Dani Ceballos? Nothing. He appears to be thriving up the guidance of Mikel Arteta and he can certainly develop to become an intricate piece on a promisingly young Arsenal team in the near future.


3.Dayot Upamecano

Upamecano, in my opinion, is the big ticket item for a lot of teams during the summer transfer window. If Arsenal were somehow able to snag this man then the Arsenal backline would be set up for success for the next five to seven years. At 21 years of age he is already on the best CBs in the Bundesliga and he would be a young energetic partner next to hopefully the likes of Pablo Mari or Saliba.


4. Pablo Mari

Currently on loan at Arsenal, it is unfortunate that the Coronavirus has halted the progression and analysis, from an Arsenal perspective, of this player to see if he could fit into Arsenal plans for the upcoming seasons. Mari, never really given a chance at City, decided to move to Flamengo where he put in some stellar performances in the Club World Cup and essentially helped to prevent the front three from Liverpool being extremely effective. I personally would like to see Arteta take a shot on this young man, having known him for years during his time at City, let’s give the man a shot.


5.William Saliba

The young Frenchman, currently on loan at Saint-Etienne from Arsenal, will be looking to be back across the Channel next year in the red and white of the Gunners. Hopefully Saliba can turn into, in Arsenal terms, a better Laurent Koscienly, who in all fairness was extremely good, but wasted during his prime years at Arsenal. I personally think that Saliba has a chance to become a stalwart at CB, he has the size, the speed, the understanding of the game. Arsenal did a hell of job picking him up during last summer’s transfer window and it will be great to have him hopefully in the starting lineup come August.


6.Carlos Soler

Soler is a promising central or wide midfielder who has performed at an extremely high level for La Liga side Valencia, which also happens to be his hometown club. Mikel Arteta himself is very interested in acquiring the young spanish midfielder and he would seem to be an excellent partner for hopefully the new acquisition of Partey and retaining Ceballos. Where does this leave room for Ozil? Nowhere. I love the man, and I believe playing under Arteta is much better for him, there seems to be a drive with Arteta at the helm and I would hate to lose that. However Ozil is getting up there in age and has not been as dominant as a Gunner as he once was.


7. Odsonne Edouard

The young forward from Celtic, yes I would absolutely take him in Arsenal’s squad. I don’t know what it is about young players from Celtic, but they always have this incredible hype attached to them and I would be more than willing to sign a young striker, especially with the fear of losing Aubameyang. Edouard comes from the PSG youth system, and made a similar move to that of Timothy Weah, and I for one would love to see him as a Gunner. The man has 37 goals in 59 appearances for the Scottish side and only seems to be growing as a clinical finisher. He would be the ideal replacement for the loss of Aubameyang and Lacazette.




1.Matt Doherty

The Irishman is having a terrific year at outside back, but Arsenal do not need to sign another outside back. While Saka has come in as a winger I think his best position, as we have seen, is at outside back. He has done well in his defensive duties and with the style of play Arteta is using he is a perfect person to play on the outside. With the likes of Bellerin and hopefully a healthy Kieran Tierney, the Arsenal outside back situation seems to be fine.


2.Chris Smalling

A recent transfer rumor to pop up, and one that I am completely against. I would like to think of this as a last resort option, because I hope that Saliba can come in right away and do the job as well as the hopefull addition of Upamecano. Smalling, who is having a great season for Roma, should stay in Rome. He was, and to me, always will be a complete disaster in the Premier League. Yes he has winners medals but he has definitely fallen off the club. He seems to be adjusted and doing good things for Roma and I, as a Roma fan, would like to keep it that way.



No. Just No. I want to get younger and with the likes of Pepe, Reiss Nelson, Martinelli, Saka, Nketiah, and Balogun I am more than happy passing up the opportunity to sign Willian. He will turn 32 this summer and I personally would rather see Arsenal build up and rely on youth. Buy hey, I’ve been wrong before.



While Samuel Umtiti was a dominant force for Lyon in his younger days, he’s only 26. He has rarely seen time at Barcelona, only 75 appearances in 3 and 1/2 years. I would much rather have the likes of Upamecano over him. That being said, if Upamecano is unreachable I still would rather have Saliba partnered with Mari, Luiz, or Sokratis. 


All that accounted for we must remember that these are only rumors and only my hopes and wishes for the upcoming summer transfer season, a season that is sure to be as wild and crazy as ever thanks to the Coronavirus. My big concern is that the development of a lot of these young players at Arsenal and players at different clubs will be stymied. There is nothing like trial by fire when it comes to seeing which players have the “it” factor and which players do not. I can only hope for the best, and how these players turn out remains to be seen. Kroenke Out.

Written by: Tyler “Tweeder” Bond (@tybond16)


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