VAR Rankings EPL Week 3

Alright people so with every coming week we are going to have another group of people who are going to be pissed off by VAR. This week couldn’t of come soon enough for certain clubs, has us questioning managers of other clubs, and of course most importantly people are B*TCHIN. I am going to go through the winners and losers of VAR after this week. There may be some other leagues sprinkled in down the road but for the mean time we are keeping it EPL.


1. West Ham – I mean VAR has done them no wrong I don’t think they have been particularly saved by VAR, but it hasn’t gone against them yet. Whether it’s taking away goals or confirming their own penalty kicks, West Ham are in VAR’s favor.


2. Tottenham – I know what you are thinking “But Harry Kane should of gotten a penalty!” BLAH BLAH BLAH Kane should of also been carded in the same match from VAR for diving. The tackle was suspect, but Kane also pushed off so to me it would of been a soft penalty. This doesn’t take away from the fact that VAR has saved your asses on many occasions and you should appreciate it.


3. Leicester City – I mean VAR has too busy to interrupt the Vardy party, nothing but the same save that got them on my list before. Jamie Vardy might start to hate VAR once the linesmen gets tired of calling him offside though. Leicester and VAR are still alright with each other I would say they are acquaintances.


The Butt Hurt Teams

1. Man City – Holding down their spot as the most brutally tortured squad for VAR, I am starting to think this VAR officials might have money on Liverpool. The amount of missed penalties, to game changing goals robbed by the VAR booth to Pep Guardiola’s men is astonishing. Keep your heads up city fans it could get better….maybe.


2. Man United – Now it’s not really that VAR screwed them over it was just the lack of VAR. The amount of replays I am forced to watch at home knowing theres 5 guys in a booth getting paid to do the same, and the calls ARE STILL TERRIBLE. Yeah thats the stuff that made me lose faith in humanity for this United game. I do not understand the rules of VAR or penalties anymore and I am not going to pretend like I do.


3. Burnley – A 97th minute equalizer…. A 97th minute penalty kick equalizer. First of all how the hell did a 1-0 game end up with 7 minutes of added time guys. Next was one of the softest penalties I have ever seen dude just lunges his leg into a tackle while doing a full split, falls down and gets a pen. This really took away from the fact that Ashley Barnes scored again, and cant be stopped. Screw you VAR.


So there you have it folks, if you are in the top 3 this week I don’t wanna hear a PEEP out of you. If you are in the butt hurt 3 this week, well go ahead and complain cause you know I get it.


Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@shopaaj)

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