What in the World is Neymar Doing?

What in the world is Neymar doing? After being on the receiving end of an early champions league exit and injury that will hopefully have him healed in time for the world cup… BUT besides all that drama and yes, Neymar is a grade A drama queen there has been talk that after one year the worlds most expensive player is already looking to head out of France. Now even over the summer right after he was purchased it was rumored Real Madrid was going to swoop in and grab the world class Brazilian because obviously going from Barca to Madrid or vice versa is completely unacceptable. So when you see a star leave Madrid or Barca there is usually a one year grace period before they go to another rival of their past team. DiMaria for example out of Madrid one year until PSG could afford him (legally). I am sorry if this offends United fans but you guys are not a real power house in Europe at the moment… I am sorry love yall!

So what in the hell does Neymar want to do with his future? Where will he have the legendary career he is after? Does he follow the footsteps of Brazilian legend Ronaldo, and Figo going from Barca to Madrid? Who the fuck knows! In my opinion I think that Neymar is using PSG as the grace period before he heads to Madrid with Bales constant injuries, and Ronaldo entering his fine wine years where Madrid could still get a pay day for the 33 year old Balon D’or winner and replace him with the future holder of the Balon D’or Neymar. I do not see why Madrid wouldn’t spring on the opportunity to get a player that could carry another galacticos era.

The other thing about Neymar leaving PSG is there is only a very few clubs that could actually afford the Brazilian the likes of Bayern, Man city, Man United, Real Madrid, or Juventus. The price tag set on Neymar is big enough that you could buy your own team, but at the same time buying Neymar is pretty much putting your team in contention to win any league you play in. That being said I think if Neymar doesn’t stay in Paris the only likely destination for Neymar is Real Madrid, he would cement his legacy as a world class talent that we hardly see the likes of, and he would be playing for the most prominent club in Europe with one of the richest histories in futbol. Not to mention Brazilians have always treated and been treated as royalty at Madrid. Other than that Neymar get well I look forward to seeing you in the world cup.

This is my take on Neymar’s future if you don’t agree your wrong because I am never wrong I am always right, even when I am wrong… Im right, 85% of the time everytime I am right. Chat shit with me on Twitter if you disagree @shopaaj

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