What Is Gareth Bale Doing?

Oh dear, oh dear what in the world is Gareth Bale going to do.


What’s going on friends, footy fans it is I your neighborhood Madrista here to break down the whole Gareth Bale drama that is going down before the transfer window even begins.


Bale (Well mostly his agent) has come out and said that he wants to remain at Real Madrid, and see his contract out. Real Madrid however has come out and said they plan on getting rid of Bale by any means necessary (Sale or a Loan). There’s a couple huge problems with this whole dramatic deal we got going on. It gets a little complicated and I am trying to remain unbiased but I just need to get all the facts out there.


  1. Gareth Bale is the highest paid player on Madrid he makes 600 thousand a week before taxes. 350 thousand a week after taxes (Holy shit Spain almost taking half his wage). The main issue with this is that after the performances we have seen Bale put together over the last two years, besides some UCL magic has been lacking. With only 35 goals over the last two years in all competitions it has raised many questions about why he is paid so much. This astronomical amount a week for Bale as he goes through his dropping in form makes him a hard sale. To put it in perspective the next closest players to his wage are Toni Kroos, Sergio Ramos, and Marcelo all at 200 thousand a week. THAT’S ALMOST HALF OF WHAT BALE GETS. All regular starters, all winners, in my opinion they give more to the club than Bale.


2. Gareth Bale is injury prone and about to turn 30. I feel like this doesn’t really need to be explained because gambling on an injury prone 30 year old is never really a good idea even if his name is Gareth Bale, and he has 4 UCLs. Real Madrid are not going to make the money that Bale is really worth due to his form, and there is a chance he can still be the Gareth Bale that every one remembers. So selling him for a loss is not really in the play book.



3. Gareth Bale is starting to seem like it is really just about the money. The man has missed 25% of his time for Madrid due to injuries, but that does not slow down the paycheck. If Gareth Bale was really dedicated to Madrid, and truly wanted to make this team great again would taking a pay cut really be that bad…? I mean just to get him down to where Ramos is would be a bonus. This is a guy who is only in the starting XI 58% of the time now, and with all the young talent emerging from Madrid I do not see him gaining too many more minutes. So what would you do if a team stopped playing you and you were there for the money? Train, earn your spot back, prove why you get paid that much? Or sit back be the highest paid player, and let the young bulls do the heavy lifting?



4. Next is the fact that this guy has lived in Spain for 6 years now, and still can’t even speak the language. He used to say that the team would not accept him, and that he got treated differently because of the culture. Then doesn’t take any time after living there for 6 years to even learn the language. The other thing he has been doing is even when he is injured, he will still find time for golf. Having passions and hobbies is great, leads to great mental health. But get the fuck off the golf course and get some shots up on the pitch.


Gareth Bale is having one of his worst seasons statistically ever at Real Madrid. 40 games and only 14 goals and 6 assists. Gareth Bale was bought for 100 million, he came in electric and we believed we had found the heir to Ronaldo’s throne. Ronaldo is now gone and Bale’s time to step up, have the show around him was finally here, and he gives us his worst statistical year…EVER.


Now I know we should treat all our players with respect, and whistling is childish. BUT at the same time you are a professional world class athlete, you have people yelling at you every match, you are the highest paid player on the pitch. The amount of mistakes that Gareth Bale made this year is only amplified by the whistles, but you can’t blame them for this past season. I have seen Gareth Bale miss opportunity, after opportunity, to the point where Benzema had to swtich his whole style of play up to help us survive this year with no real goal scorer. Shit Ramos is the second leading goal scorer for Madrid so far… HES A CENTER BACK.


Back to the main point which is what is going to happen. For me I think Bale is going to leave. Madrid seem adamant that he will not be in Madrid next season loan or sale. I think he will head back to the premiere league, maybe to a top club, or maybe to a welsh club. (Swansea return???)


Either way if you are a Bale fan boy I am sorry but stats are stats and Bale’s time is up in Madrid. 372 days injured for Madrid in the last 6 years, he makes 15 million a year aka Madrid paid him 15 million to do nothing. Feel differently? Come see me on twitter @shopaaj. #PhillyMadrista

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