What’s City’s Ban Mean to Me?

BANNED! Manchester City has been banned from UCL play for the next two seasons, after violating financial fair play. The 30 million euro fine, is chump change for a club with the backing line City has. But what other implications will this have on Europe? Lets take the Bayern point of view.



City will undoubtedly lose players, the question is who can they retain and who will want to walk. This isn’t a team with the history to convince players in their prime that they want to win to stay. One such player is already on the outside looking in, Leroy Sane. The young German suffered an injury and fell down Peps pecking order this season. With talks with FC Bayern last summer, and talks already started for this summer, it’s safe to say the talented Winger could be headed to Bavaria. With City’s fall from “grace” I do believe he will now come out a cheaper price tag. I believe the rumors were around 100 Euros last year, but with limited playing time and less leverage for City, they could be losing Sane and other talent for less than they’d like too. 


The German giants have been needing a solid, reliable, winger for years. They found one in Gnabry, but after Robben and Ribery hung it up, Coman hasn’t been able to stay healthy long enough to make a seasonal difference. Don’t get me wrong, he changes the games he plays in, but much like an Unnamed Welsh Winger in Spain, you have to play in more games to justify contracts, wages, or even keeping you around. This isn’t a slight at Coman by any means, he’s a fantastic player, but Bayern needs a reliable second winger.


In the midst of this happening to City, Bayern also announced that they were going to part ways with Tolisso the french world cup winning center mid they purchased from Lyon. With not being able to break into the german side, but still wanting competitive first team football could city be a good destination for him. Not to mention any names for a swap, but I do believe Kevin De Bruyne is very familiar and comfortable in the Bundesliga. With the lack of Champions League on top of the fact that KDB is turning 29 this summer could we see him move to the Bavarians as well to not waste his prime with 2 years in exile. 


Another name that I want to throw out there is Aymeric Laporte. Now this is a defender that is going to want Champions League football, and he wants to be playing day in day out at a high level. With Bayern’s backline going through some changes these last couple years what a way to sure up the back line, with a proven top flight center back; that you can get at a cheaper rate because his team is going into exile. Im not sayin… Im just sayin.


 Getting loans from Madrid and Barca can’t be a final solution. It’s time to write the check and get a piece of this team that will help in a European campaign… oh sign Kai Havertz too. 


Agree, disagree, let me know @GlennLorance and only on @TwoFootTalk.

Written by: Glenn Lorance “Formerly Lefty” 

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