When In Rome

No this is not the romantic comedy from the movies but rather a Shakespearian tragedy unfolding in the streets of Rome. Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Othello, all of the classics have absolutely nothing on the Roma tragedy we are witnessing unfold at the Stadio Olimpico. La Lupe is being ripped apart from a terrible parasite, another Commodus turning Rome from an empire of gold to an empire of iron and rust.

The Roma board has completely lost the plot and in the process has lost one club legend and almost certainly losing another. Once again an American owner is destroying a legendary club, we have seen it in England with the likes of Kroenke and Glazer and we are now seeing it in Italy with the likes of Pallotta. Coming with the American invasion is always a plan for a new stadium, it happened at Arsenal; it happened at Tottenham (Levy’s Canadian); and it is happening at Roma. Three iconic stadiums being torn down to put in these money machines that price every average person out of their season tickets. Only American sports owners think this way, “how can we make money?” Football is not about money, it has never been about money, it should never be about money. Football is more than money, unlike our American sports, football has been played for the passion, as much passion as a painter creating a canvas, it’s the BEAUTIFUL GAME and always will be.


The absolute treachery that is taking place at AS Roma right now is destroying the very fabric that has impassioned so many supporters of the Roman side throughout the world. A club legend of 30 years (25 as a player) left the club with scathing remarks for ownership. Totti was left out of meetings that involved hiring and firing of managers and never given a chance to express his beliefs about where the club should go. He was essentially shut out of everything at the club, and he did not mince words about how he felt about leaving, “Presidents come and go, coaches come and go, players come and go. But not emblems” adding, “This is far worse than retiring as a player. Leaving Roma is like dying. I feel like it’d be better if I died”. It pains me to hear Totti speak this way about his beloved club, but this is a tragedy after all.

And the tragedy does not end with Totti. No, similar to Shakespeare’s tragedies this story has another part: Daniele de Rossi. Capitan Futuro. Successor to Totti as club captain, de Rossi is another Roman who grew up in the club from youth teams to the top side and bleeds giallorossi who was sent on his way by ownership. Once again the departure of another beloved Roma hero is a heartbreaking story as de Rossi finished out his contract this season and the club refused to resign/renew him. This refusal comes after de Rossi said he would take a weekly way pay cut with more rewarding incentives that he was most likely not going to be able to reach given his age. The Roma boy just wanted to stay at his beloved club and end his career as a one-club man, and because of Roma board and ownership this is not going to happen. De Rossi, who still has something left in the tank, something more to give, signed on a free with Boca Juniors. I have no doubt he will fit in well with Boca, he has the nastiness for what lies ahead of him.


Rumors are circulating that new club captain Alessandro Florenzi could be next on the chopping block for the Roma board and ownership, after all he as Roman and has been with Roma from his youth career to the big club. While not as beloved as Totti and de Rossi not a single Roma fan will forget this man’s wonder goal from nearly halfway against Barcelona in the Champions League truly stunning. It was only fitting that Florenzi would be the man to replace de Rossi with armband, for their love for the club is weaved through their DNA, and that DNA, unfortunately his being ripped out of La Lupe pint by pint. However, these are only rumors and nothing is definitive as well speak but with the departure of Trippier from Tottenham the Spurs are looking for an attacking outside back with Florenzi has proven he can be throughout his time with the giallorossi. This is a rumor that Roma fans should definitely keep an eye on for sure. If Florenzi does get sold, that is the third and final strike for Roma’s ownership group and board.

You do not oust players who love your club. You do not force out club legends. Not from the squad. Not from the club. Not ever. 

Forza Totti. Forza de Rossi. Forza Roma.

Written by: Tyler “Tweeder” Bond (@tybond16)

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