Who’s Safe at Madrid?

What’s going on?


I know you have probably seen the billion rumors that Real Madrid has in the transfer window even before it begins. Most of them being Hazard but now up to 14 players have all been rumored to be on the outs at Madrid. With names like Bale, Navas, and Marcelo it seems like nobody is safe at Madrid.



First things first,

Sergio Ramos. Sergio Ramos is coming off a year where he did the usual business and ended up being Real Madrid’s third highest scorer. Voted best international player by UEFA for his performances for Spain. Also did we mention hes … EL CAPITAN. Zidane and Ramos have been blood since they shared the field together. Ramos stays and will end his career in Madrid with a solid contract remaining, and being one of the best center backs on the planet.


Vinicius Jr. Vinicius who didn’t end up really playing until Lopetegui was fired, and Solari was limited to throwing the young Brazilian on the wing. After that he became one of the most dangerous players on the pitch. Although he lacked in finishing the 18 year old caused absolute havoc on the left wing. Creating chances after chance, and helping Karim Benzema win games for Madrid he became one of the teams best players. At 18 years of age he is a very high prospect that Madrid have plans to insert him into Zidane’s formula.


Carvajal. After a pretty solid season where he was returning from injury Carvajal went and took blame for what he called “A horrible” season. He made many promises that the team will be back and they will work hard and everything a fan really wants to hear. Not to mention he is a Zidane boy, he’s about to enter his prime years, he adds great depth to our back line with him and Odriozola. He also still has a contract that is good for both sides to both stay happy. He is a massive part to a back line that won 3 straight UCLs as well.


Isco. What can I say about Isco who is rumored to be leaving all the time. Why is he safe? Because he never says he wants to leave, it is all media. By the way his buyout clause is over 600 million so nobody can even afford him. He is a world class midfielder in his prime. To replace him would be near impossible because no player at his level would be sold by their club. He has a solid contract with plenty of time left on it. His a Spanish and Madrid favorite at a club he loves. Not to mention Zidane’s return will get that bad taste of Solari out of his mouth.


Marco Asensio. The main reason why I believe Marco Asensio is really safe, besides his talent, potential, and being Spanish. Is because his agent was looking at offers from clubs in the 180 million department, and without a flinch denied them. That to me is impressive even after a crap year. Asenseio had some weird injuries that threw off his whole season, on top of making some stupid out of context media comments. He showed glimpses of his class last season when he did play but not consistently enough. He is the first of the next generation Madristas and a Zidane boy which leads me to believe he will be here for the long haul.


Karim Benzema. I mean the fact that he is Madrid’s only striker pretty much leads me to believe he will be here next year. Not to mention he was second in goals to Leo Messi and dominated the Madrid team in goals. Nobody else even hit double digits to his hitting around 30. Karim Benzema is a captain for this team, he played way too many minutes for his body to handle and is still grinding. He bleeds for Los Blancos, is a Zidane boy(French boy also js), and after the season he had for Madrid he is a fan favorite for sure. A top 5 goal scorer in Madrid history, a whole lotta silverware, and Karim Benzema solidifies himself as a Madrid Legend. You know what they say Legends never die.(Especially when your coach is also a frenchmen, whos also a homie, and you also won 3 UCLs for)


These are all the people I believe are SAFE. Everyone else is on the chopping block notice the names I said, because Madrid will look pretty different come August.

Think there should be some other names on here? Chat with me on Twitter! @Shopaaj

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