World Cup Quarter Finals Predictions

What’s going on people?


Another day of World Cup withdraw as we wait for the Friday games to go down lets take a little look at the squads and when they will be playing.

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So the first game is Uruguay vs. France and this is going to be an extremely interesting game if we are able to find out if Cavani makes an appearance because as for now he is listed as out injured. I do not see Uruguay as the same threat with out the partnership of Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani. The pressure will not be the same, defense won’t have that big target up front, more pressure will be tossed directly at Suarez. Also if you forgot the 3 of the 4 defenders see Suarez on almost a daily basis, you have Varane, Umtiti (his teammate), and Hernandez. If any team was ready to take on a Suarez level threat it is France, the midfield battle is not even close withe the combination of Pogba and Kante. Kante covers so much ground it gives Pogba space and peace of mind to do the outrageous things we watch that man do with a ball. Then upfront the teenager making all the noise you have Mbappe the fastest man alive. He is the spark that starts every counter, always count on a long ball from Pogba to Mbappe and the next chance to be deadly. I think front to back France has this handled but Godin and Jimenez will never go down easy. As well as Cacceres in the back with them, this Uruguay team is no joke they have only given up 1 goal the entire tournament so far. France needs something special to break this back line but, they have plenty of it.


France 2-0

Next we have Brazil vs. Belgium. Now this to me is a battle of the big guns, which team is going to use their weapons better to their advantage. Now we saw the HUGE (YUGE) flaw in the Belgium back line and its their left flank and which player happens to be in that open space for Brazil?


As much as I respect the talent that Belgium have and I think it will end up being some what of a shootout, defensively there is no way they are stopping Brazil. Unless there is a serious lineup shuffle playing 3 men in the back or, with wing backs against the Brazilians will ultimately lead to your downfall. Do not try and take the game they created and use it against them. I think Lukaku will make an appearance possibly even bury a few it he is on his game, Kevin DeBruyne is going to have his hands full with Countinho, Witsel hasn’t seen this kind of football in years, I just think Belgium are going to have to put up a ton of goals to keep up with Brazil. Brazil in and out are just a fantastic team, the coaching staff, the depth of the bench, the stars, the style, Brazil just breathe world cup football and they are easily a favorite to win the whole thing.


Brazil 4-2

Then we have Saturday’s games from the “Easier” side of the bracket.(As if any world cup game is ever easy)

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So first we have Russia vs. Croatia. This is interesting because the Russians have just been running themselves into the absolute ground, they rely heavily on the gritty play, hard work, bang bodies, type of play that isn’t always fun to watch, but so so satisfying to watch them win. It is one of those boxer movies where the dude is getting the shit kicked out of him timing it so the dude is worn out, and in the final round bang knock out. Yeah it is kind of that style. I think that with Croatia they will think they are a bit more even with them talent wise which is not the case but could lead into the game being a little more open than Russia usually plays it’s opponents. I think we will see Russia play more like they did against Saudi Arabia with Golovin and Cheryshev both buzzing around the field trying to combine and create. But they will eventually figure out that this Croatia side is no joke Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic have got that side make absolute magic on the pitch. The addition of Manduzic up top, Rebic on the wing, and Kovacic off the bench is just everything you need to make something special. The Croatians have a nice path to the final with all teams that have the potential to beat, and with Subasic’s heroics and Lovren continuing his great form, Croatia look like another side that could sneak their way through and win this whole thing.


Croatia 2-0


Next we have Sweden vs. England. A lot of people are kind of downplaying this game because Sweden have no Zlatan, and England is brainwashing people thinking they are a dominant team now. Sweden leads in the matchup of them versus England. Sweden has more appearances in the knockouts as well. This Sweden team took the top of the table of a group with the defending champion Germans, and a world class Mexico side. I think England got a reality check from Colombia when they scraped past in penalties in a game they most certainly should of dominated with the loss of Colombian talisman James Rodriguez. I am hoping that shook them up a bit, and they carry the momentum of that penalty shoot out win for the rest of their tournament. But I do not think Harry Kane will continue to be given penalties to secure his golden boot. I think the underdogs are going to take this one. A lot of you are chanting “It’s coming home!” and yes it’s a fun chant I like to joke around and say it but, come Saturday YOU are going home.


Sweden 2-1

Now listen these are my opinion like em or leave em the truth is that I am always right, even when I am wrong…I’m right. 86% of the time every time I am right. Come chat shit with me otherwise on twitter. @shopaaj


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