YL Inaugural Binho League

You know what you want it you got it. I got enough smoke for whoever wants to claim a right to the throne. Listen this throne was built and occupied by Young Leg and Young Leg only. For Bond to have the AUDACITY to speak ill of my name in Binho is almost a mortal sin. Yeah it is up there with murder…


anyways here was the first match of the best of 3 series. For those of you who don’t know who, where, what, or how to Binho just scroll down.

Special thanks to our commentators and on the field broadcasters for filling in. Very short staffed with the quarantine.

Binho Rules and YL Binho League Guide Lines.

So Binho is essentially football with your fingers. Each player gets one chance to flick the pre-match selected Binho Ball (marble). Every turn you get a chance to flick it into the opposing teams goal. Obviously the challenge here is the 10 defenders (pins) out in front of the goal. All shots count from any position, walls are fair play, pins are fair play, anything to get that ball in the back of the net in one flick. To start the match you place the ball at the center circle and take the first shot. First shot is determined by a coin flip, after that conceding a goal is the only way to get first shot. The YL Binho league follows the kings court rule which states “The winner of the previous match is the king of the court, and the king of the court starts the match.” The first player to reach 7 goals is the winner.


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