YL Week: All Time Top 5 Goals

Hello and welcome everyone,

With my Birthday coming up next week I thought it was a good opportunity to bring you the content that everyone really wants to hear… My top 5’s. So to start it off we are keeping it simple with my top 5 goals.(You have to be alive for the goals so any goals scored before 94 I am sorry you are not in the running)

I am Young Leg and as I grow older I like to think I am getting wiser, my taste is getting better, and I am becoming closer to senile if I really believe all that. One thing for sure is that I have great taste in goals. So here we go folks get ready for the ride.


These goals aren’t in a specific order it is just the order that I thought of them.

First one was very easy for me and it has to be the Theirry Henry goal against Manchester United. I mean lets skip over the form and the style points, lets just get right into the audacity you need to have to take that shot. You have to have some basketball sized juevos to try this in a match, let alone against SAF’s Manchester United. ClearcutAppropriateDalmatian-size_restricted.gif

Just the way he uses his body against the defender, accepts the ball off his touch, lifts it perfectly into the air, and without looking strikes it and finds the top bin of the far post. I genuinely think this goal will never be replicated, and this is when I became Theirry Henry’s absolute biggest fan. THIS IS WHY I DESIGN SHIRTS AFTER HIM. Not only because his c*ck is hanging to the fookin floor, but because he does it with class.


The next one for me is another one that besides the form, and how you had to hit the ball it always comes down to the audacity. If you give me a holy sh*t did he really just hit that moment, and then it goes in it will be something that I always remember. A player that could have dozens of goals on anyones list Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The goal I am thinking of in particular is his goal for Sweden against Joe Hart and the three lions. The sheer sports science that had to be done after he hit this shot was incredible.


I mean the height that he had to get to in order to strike this ball, the fact that he didn’t even look where the net was, AND the fact that he did it against England is what truly makes it one of the best goals I have ever seen. He doesn’t have a look and even sneaks it under the cross bar right in the vision of the defender so he can look but nooooo touching. I mean I have so many beautiful memories of Zlatan on the field, off the field, scoring goals, getting reds, this man really does it all. Absolute legend.


3rd on my list is obviously more of a bias for Madristas, Spainiards (Some at least), and really just for me. Not a ton of people are going to agree with this but, the stage it was done on, the drama of the goal, the captain being the one to do it. Come on now saying captain should of given it away. Sergio Ramos 92nd minute, against rival Atletico Madrid, in the Champions League final, to tie the game, and obviously then go on to win. This was the goal that finally after a long time of being a threat on set pieces, Ramos showed the world why he was so highly regarded as one of the best defenders in the world.


I watch this goal and still get chills every time I see it. A prime Atleti defense, the dying moments of the game, no heroics from Cristiano here, we had THE CAPTAIN get up and win us this game. He got this tattooed on him after that how massive of a goal it was. I remember watching Xabi Alonso sprint down the sideline when he was suspended, and get another suspension for it. Just so many happy memories but nothing beats this as a Madrid fan. Watching Ramos scream and celebrate this goal is like nothing else. F*CK COURTOIS!


The next one I got because I hate this man, however I do respect the f*ck out of him. I got this one because he legitimately ended a players career with this goal. These were two giants of football going at it, and he delivered as he always does. Lionel Messi against Bayern Munich, yeah y’all know what I am talking about. This man not only went on another solo run (yeah he does it all the time) but he dropped a World Cup winning CB, who could of arguably been in at least the top 10 for defenders at the time. Jerome Boateng completely had his career ended by Messi, and Messi showed absolutely no remorse.Ba7jzV.gif

Like not only did he drop Boateng, but he scooped it over Neuer so easily, and this was PRIME Neuer like they still are trying to argue he is the best goalie on the planet. I think this goal was the beginning of his slow decline. Lionel Messi is actually still doing this to teams if you aren’t overly impressed by this goal that is prolly why.


Alright the final goal that I have for my list is one that I can guarantee nobody would of guessed, but once you see it you will realize it has YL written all over it. Just the pure confidence that he takes it with, and how simple he makes this little chip goal look makes me smile every time I see it. Dimitar Berbatov a Premier League goal scoring legend, took his talent to Monaco and immediately knew he was too good to play in the league.


SentimentalCalmAmericanquarterhorse.gifI mean the fact that the defender is trying to square him up, and really break him down…. then he just walks up to the ball and floats it over the goalie from that angle. I love watching this just because he doesn’t even run away to celebrate it is more like a wow I can’t believe you just let me do this to you. It made me realize why I was such a huge fan of the old United #9. Every time I see him hit this I just in my head go “boop” so just also mix that in with every time he chips the keeper honestly makes the goal even better.


Well there you have it folks DAY 1 of YL Week is in the books and I hope you are ready for an action packed week of YL content.


Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@shopaaj)

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