YL Week Day 2: All Time Hair Cuts

What’s going on people it is Day 2 of YL Week about to record a podcast so while Bond inhales his Wendy’s I am going to talk to you about one of the biggest things that I look for in a great footballer…The hair.


So to me to be a good footballer you need skill, passion, grit, and a great hairstyle. Having a dope last name also comes into play here, but you can’t really control that unless you are OchoCinco. This list of my 5 greatest hair styles went through the ringer some people were left off because I wanted to make sure I got at least one from every category. Lets get it goin!


First one off the bat Carlos Valderrama, this man not only had one of the most noticeable hair dos on the field, but I don’t even know how he was able to play with that fro bouncing around all over the place.


The Colombian legend was a boss in the midfield, and you could see him from a mile away. This fro led to the Felaini fro, the Marcelo fro, the Willian fro, in my opinion he put fros on the map in the footballing world and I just want to take some time to celebrate that. My favorite part about the fro is when they hit full speed the velocity of the fro also changes it is pure beauty.


Next on the list we have El Shaarawy the man who remade the faux hawk/ mohawk game forever. Not only did he have one of the sharpest cuts in the game, but this hair never moved an inch. I don’t really know how it didn’t effect his heading ability, but this is a glorious cut.


He obviously is not the first to have this cut, but he seems to be the most loyal to it. He is always looking sharp probably in the barber shop every couple days to keep it looking clean. My only hope is that he found a barber up to his standards over in China.


Next on the list we have the man with possibly one of the ugliest hair cuts out there, but man oh man did he rock the hell out of it. The Argentine Palacio


Now this man is almost bald, but he still manages to keep that rat tail going. I don’t know how his family, friends, sh*t even his coaches couldn’t convince him to snip that stupid tail off his head. BUT you have to commend the loyalty to the cut, and the fact that he still gets to represent the Argentina national team with that gross hair cut. You have my respect Palacio.


Next on my list and call it bias if you want but this is for all the lovers of flow. A young Sergio Ramos the most expensive defender at the time arriving in Madrid with the beautiful flowing locks, the locks that struck fear in all attackers hearts because you know he could hack you down at any minute.


I think when you are an aerial threat like Ramos was and have the hair flip going while you are getting up for a set piece it must give some extra power. Now this is no disrespect to the Forlans, the Ibrahimovic lovers, or the Cavani lovers, because they also had some beautiful flow. It is just respect to Ramos the king of cards running around with that wet mop.


Finally we have my last name on the list and in my opinion he was the king of all hair cuts. No matter what style he chose he looked good with it, mohawk, fauxhawk, flow, shaved head, even corn rows at one point. David Beckham the heart throb of football.


Not only was he rocking some very outlandish hair cuts, but he was killing every single one. To this day Beckham still has a beautiful head of hair, and men, women, children, probably even animals can appreciate the beauty of this man. If you have anything negative to say about this man’s appearance you must be blind. David Beckham was an icon and always had the hair to go with it.


There you have it folks the all time best hair do’s for all my football lovers out there. Have any others to add to the list let me know, but I dare you to come up with a better one!


Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@shopaaj)

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