YL Week: Day 4 Free Kicks

Alright people here we go again, another edition of YL Week. Now what I have is one of the most appreciated skills in world football. The “Free Kick Specialist” and this is always a fun list to flirt with. You will see graphics of it all the time just because of the players that have established themselves as the most deadly from a dead ball. Here we go.


First on my list should be the first on everyones list to be honest with you. The Italian legend, Mr.Andrea Pirlo. Quite possibly the coolest man on the pitch at all times, with the beard, without the beard, this man could hit the piss out of a ball. Not just a goal scoring free kick threat, he could put the ball where ever he wanted it to be. Corners, from midfield, 25 out, they are all pretty much layups for Pirlo.


It wasn’t even hard to find an example of what I am talking about because he did it so damn often. Andrea Pirlo oozed class whenever he walked onto a pitch, but you put him on a dead ball just pray your goalie is up for it that day. As they say ” No Pirlo, No Party”.


Next on my list is the Portugese legend, no I know what you are thinking, its not Ronni. Its the Lyon legend Juninho. One of the greatest set piece takers I have ever seen. He brought life to the French, and Champions League with his ridiculous free kick ability.


With what  we will call “Limitless Range” there was never a spot outside of his ability he couldn’t embarrass a keeper. I have seen it first hand as he shatters a sides heart with the cannon he had for a leg. There are people still out there that claim he was the first Jedi. The way he manipulated a ball was inhuman.


Next on the list I have mentioned him before and I will mention him again because you always need a Brazilian on a list like this, Roberto Carlos. The man with the magnificent legs. Who can forget about the time he denied the laws of physics for Brazil.


You find me another player that can deny time and space with a football and I will replace him with Roberto Carlos on this list. Another player who’s left foot just made magic happen. Whether it was crosses, clearances, or the magical long distance shot, anytime Roberto Carlos boot met a football its special. I just watched this free kick about 19 times writing this. Never gets old! This is him last year.


Next on the list is another easy one, I am sure y’all were probably thinking I would say him earlier, David Beckham! The English super star, sh*t this man had a movie made after him. Nobody will ever be able to “Bend it Like Beckham”.


I am almost positive 80 percent of his power comes from the massive arm wave. Not only did he strike fear into the opposing goalkeeper, but its David Beckham so you know he did it in style. No matter what hair cut he had, what jersey he put on, if you had a set piece you hand the ball to Becks.


Finally you know I had to go a little new school after all the throwback names from the 90’s- 00’s. Who else could I honestly say besides Lionel Messi. I would love to argue why he shouldn’t be on here but he is just so damn good at putting that little circle into the big square.


It’s at the point now with Messi that you know A) He is going to make this free kick 28 yards and closer. B) The goalkeeper is better off not even diving and just doing that little weight shift goalies do when they know they are absolutely not getting this ball. I mean when you look at his highlight reel does it look better when the goalie is completely outstretched looking like an idiot, or he also gets to enjoy watching the magic. Lionel Messi is at 50 free kick goals and counting…. It is honestly annoying for us Madrid fans.


Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@shopaaj)

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