YL Week: Day 5

Alright everyone it was a good time, it was some great lists, and were almost to the end. As we all know the great quote “Look good. Play Good.” So let us make this a beautiful list. Day 5 we are going to top 5 kits all time.


I Young Leg am guilty of judging a player before he steps onto the pitch, but that’s only cause if you look good, you’re gonna feel good, and you play good. Right into this, Number 1 on the list THE GOONERS. In the year 2005-06 Arsenal went all the way to the Champions League final in these gorgeous maroon kits. With the white shorts, the golden accent, and the O2 symbol across their chest. I mean we were in the midst of a historic Arsenal team, and f*ck did they look good.


Next we have another power house, and another absolute classic, Inter Milan. 97-98. Inter Milan with El Phenomeno as the number 10, A 23 year old Zanetti, Diego Simeone running the midfield. Just an absolute classic team and an absolute classic kit. The way that they black socks and shorts complemented the top, they looked like ninjas. Imagining running around in Brazil in one of these kits I promise you will get laid.


Next on my list is the 2011-12 Real Madrid Home kit. Y’all can call this bias if you want but this was one of the baddest f*ckin teams on the planet right here. This kit emphasized the galacticos that the Madrid board put into that team. Kaka, Ronaldo, Alonso, Dimaria, Ozil, Coentrao, Ramos, Casillas, the list goes on and on. For a team full of stars you gotta dress the part. I mean come on now the white and gold combo… AND THE COLLAR. BUT WAIT THERES MORE AND ITS A BUTTON UP.  Talk about class on grass.Real_Madrid_Kit_History_18.jpg kaka-wears-20112012-real-madrid-home-kit-L-lJCeCF.png

Next on the list to be fair, and completely honest… Barthelona. I hate to put them on my list I really f*cking do. BUT I gotta be honest with you the 2010-11 Barca kit is beautiful. Teal happens to be my favorite color but man did they pull this off. Not to mention they were stacked, Zlatan, Dinho, Henry, Eto, Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, blah blah blah. They were nasty it was the treble, and this kits were dope. Alright I am making myself sick moving on.


Finally my last pick, and honestly this one was the first that came to my mind, but Nigeria 2018…Come on. Not only did Nigeria go on to make a nice little run in the Cup, but hot damn these kits were fire. They were incredibly fun to watch, just so unbelievably fast, and creative. The football was just thrown into your face with these awesome kits, and you just heard a lot of people saying “I’m rooting for the guys with the dope jerseys.” Maybe that was just me I don’t know. These also led to some of the hottest warm ups ,and just designs off these jerseys that were incredible.



Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@shopaaj)

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