YL’s Greatest Fifa Sound Track (2010-Present)

What’s going on my people and fellow FIFA loyalists. The game has been letting me down over the last few years I am not going to pretend like FIFA is the greatest game in the world anymore. Fifa really did used to be a game that I could play every single day 6 hours a day, but now it is just a road to frustration.



The one thing that FIFA always had that consistently made me want to turn that game on again was a killer sound track. I mean they have bands from all over the world, all different genres of music, just bringing bangers. Every single year I don’t know how they will top the soundtrack, but here they come with more heat. What I felt was necessary at this point with the soundtracks all being so great is just taking the best songs of my FIFA career (which started really in like ’04). Over the last decade FIFA has given us some bangers and I have taken that challenge upon myself to bring you what I consider the best. Though the list may continue to grow the songs currently in the playlist are FIRE.





-YL (@Shopaaj)

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