YL’s Super League

Well, obviously everyone seems very upset about the announcement of the Super League and its getting rough out here. People are denouncing clubs people are screaming about punishment, and I am sitting here wishing everyone would relax. Do I think the Super league will actually happen? Probably not. Do I think someone needs to check UEFA and FIFA for being corrupt monopolies…. YES. YALL ARE SIDING WITH TWO OF THE MOST CORRUPT ORGANIZATIONS ON THE PLANET. That’s how much this idea really sucks. I am all for making a new European Competition if it means taking power away from UEFA, but this just is a shitty plan right now. That being said to lighten the mood I am making my own Super League.

Unfortunately I have not heard back from any of these teams, stadiums, or sponsors. However I think it has some real opportunity to it!

  1. Real Madrid
  2. Barcelona
  3. Sevilla
  4. Atletico Madrid
  5. Inter Milan
  6. AC Milan
  7. Juventus
  8. Atalanta
  9. Man City
  10. Man Utd
  11. Chelsea
  12. Bayern Munich
  13. Leipzig
  14. Ajax
  15. PSV
  16. PSG
  17. Lille
  18. Rangers

There is a pitch down the road from my house next to a church that I will be holding the games at until stadiums are approved. With this ruling no team is guaranteed a spot in the YL Super League unless they qualify high enough in their domestic leagues. The amount of teams decided from each league that can qualify will have to pass the eye ball test from me (YL from the name YL Super League). To enter the YL Super League you have to be inform and at least top 4. If your team did not make the YL Super League do not fret you probably just aren’t very good. However there is always next year. We will also have challenger month where a team if they are on the top of the table and not in the YL Super League can challenge one of the bottom 4 YL Super League teams. Kind of like a WWE style grab the brief case type of situation. Winners will receive a picture of my dog and a Championship shirt. If you don’t play for Championship shirts you really don’t love the game.

Open invitation to any teams above.

Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@ayoungleg)

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