YL’s Way Too Early EPL Team of The Year

What’s going on folks what I have for you today during this international break is some things you are probably going to want to hear. 1 USMNT beat Canada, so that’s cool and what should of happened the first time… The other thing is looking at some of the hottest talent in the Premiere League, judge how they have done so far, and make a team of the year in November. BECAUSE you know why not?


I usually like to keep it classic with a 4-3-3 Attack formation, this for the people who don’t know is going to be 1 striker, 2 wingers, 1 center attacking mid, 2 center mids, 2 center backs, 2 wing backs, and a goalkeeper.


Let us start with the goalkeeper…

Now this is always a tricky situation cause we know who we think the top goalkeepers are but this is going by form. The team with one of the best forms right now is Leicester and it has a lot to do with their keeper Kasper Schmeichel. Tied for the most clean sheets in the league currently Schmeichel is making his family name proud after his father’s Manchester United career. They are a family of EPL Champions, and that could be happening again soon with Leicester sitting in 2nd place right now. 31 saves on top of being one of the most intimidating blondes in the league. Kasper Scmeichel is MY GOALKEEPER.


Moving on to the back line we will start at left back and this is an easy one since he is one of the top providers and lock down defenders in the league. Andrew Robertson the Liverpool left back, 4 assists, 1 goal, average match rating of 7.7, and an absolute lock down on the wing. He is one of those players that never stops running, up and down that wing providing the chances, scoring some goals, and locking up attackers. He is one of those players that plays with grit and just makes magic happen out of the back.


The first of my two center back choices is going to be very obvious, and then not so obvious. Let us start with the not so obvious young Englishman, (who was actually born in Alberta Canada) the 21 year old Chelsea lad, Fikayo Tomori. Since inserting the youngster into their regular lineup they have only lost two matches. He has immediately made his presence known with a goal to his name already. He is an aerial threat, a ridiculous athlete, and adding even more youth to that Chelsea side. He is a player that with the right coaching could quite possibly become one of the top central defenders in the world. Canada is really missing out.


My next center back is exactly who you think it is, the POTY, the Dutch master class, cool as you like, he’s Virgil Van Djik. I mean you don’t have to be a football expert to know that VVD is the top defender in the league. His intelligence of the game, stagger stature, aerial presence, and leadership make him an easy pick. This man has what I like to call “The Clamps”, Virgil went a full year without being dribbled. That means don’t expect too many people to get around him. He’s up there with Ramos for me when it comes to scoring on set pieces.


Next we have my right back which might piss some people off cause I am not choosing TAA which I guess you could argue makes me a hater but whatever he looks like Earnie from Sesame street so I am hating. My pick for right back is Kyle Walker. I don’t think there should be too much argument for this cause even after spending 50 million and Danilo to bring Joao Cancelo to City, he still wasn’t able to take Walkers spot. Walker has now scored game winners for City, he’s played goalkeeper for City, and he has obviously been playing lockdown. I was actually torn between him and Aaron Wan-Bissaka just cause he has to play for United and was doing his thing. But come on you can’t take this from Walker he has been playing next to Fernandinho for Christ’s sake.


My first Center Mid that I am picking is another Leicester man. Wilfred Ndidi. Not only for his ridiculous defensive presence, but also for the integral part he plays in that Leicester team. Notice how they have replaced all the pieces from that first title run and they are back in…. another title run. He moves the ball well, he is the facilitator, he’s got a couple goals to his name, AND he is averaging in the top 3 for tackles. This is the type of player that does it all, and they always seem to find their way to Leicester.



Next in my midfield pair is the King Ginger himself Kevin De Bruyne. Now I will just skip past the fact that he has 9 assists and it is only November and just list the stats that he is leading in. So obviously assists, best match rating, key passes per match, big chances created, and crosses. So like… that’s a lot of stats that he isn’t just doing well in, he’s leading them. We all know City isn’t at their peak in football currently, but that definitely has nothing to do with KDB making a run for the POTY.


Now what I am going to do is going to be a little funky, but it is also completely fine because my team is nasty. For my center attacking mid I am going with Bobby Firmino. Now you might be thinking “Leg he’s a forward what are you thinking?” well hey… f*ck you! This man is probably the biggest “players player” we have ever seen. The man can hold it up, create for everyone else, he can dribble, he can shoot, he can pass, and the biggest thing HES BRAZILIAN. Brazilians have some sort of magic gift in football where they have a flair that makes their ability 10 times better so at CAM I got Firmino.


At the left wing we have one of the most inform players on the planet. Another Liverpool man Sadio Mane. Now Sadio Mane might not have the clip to get him into everyone else’s TOTY, but the amount of ground he covers, the work rate, the big moments, it is just hard to imagine someone actually putting anyone over Mane. I mean there is obviously some high class wingers in the Premier League, but come on Sadio Mane is a Champions League WINNER. Absolute class on grass.


The other side I got another man that is in absolute red hot form, another name that has seen all kinds of headlines, a man that keeps putting goals in the back of the FOOKIN net regardless. RAHEEM THE DREAM STERLING THE RAZZA. I mean this man is in the Balon D’or race if we are being honest. He is carrying his form from last year and shoving it right up the competitions a**. He’s got everything going for him he has the goals, he’s got the assists, he has the pace, the dribbling, the style, the women, etc. I mean pretty much everything you could want as an English footballer Raheem has it. Other than that shoutout everyone else that thinks they can play winger at Mane and Razz’s level. You can dream.


Finally the missing piece to this squad, the striker. Now if you know me you already know who this is, and if you watch the Premiere League AT ALL you should know. This is a man that took England by storm a man that strikes fear into all other men. First thing you are gonna want to do is grab your vodka, and then make your way over to your Charlies grab them too, BECAUSE ITS THE VARDY PARTY. Jamie Vardy is having a party so far this season. Not only is he leading the league in goals currently, but Leicester are sitting in 2nd right behind Liverpool. Could we be seeing another magical run led by Jamie Vardy? Who else would be the one to ruin Liverpool’s season if it’s not Pep Guardiola it HAS to be Jamie Vardy. Absolutely lethal in front of net, a hell of a leader, and you will never see a man look more swaggy when he scores a goal. Jamie Vardy makes me wanna run through a brick wall.


So there you have it folks the way wayyy wayyyyyyyyyyy too early team of the year, that Jamie Vardy gif is courtesy of ya boy Young Leg enjoy it send it to your kids, wife, whatever it just gets me going.


Written by: Anthony “Young Leg” Shopa (@Shopaaj)




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