Zlatan is Coming to America

As speculations and rumors would have it Zlatan being the old man he is seems to be heading to the MLS (Major League Soccer) side LA Galazy. Now if you don’t know the Galaxy is known for getting some straight powerhouses from bigger leagues, after they have been out of form for about 3-5 years. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is out of favor with United Manager and overall asshole Jose Mourinho.

Now Zlatan has never been one to say he is not the best player alive, but going to the MLS is pretty much him admitting that the age has finally caught up to him. Now this is not to say I think Zlatan is washed because he is probably the best striker I have gotten to see live, and I believe he will come into the MLS and absolutely destroy the league kind of like what Drogba did but he is better than Drogba and WAY more fun to watch. Now I feel like Los Angelos, New York, and I guess Toronto always seem to get the best players, and they have a shit ton of money in their franchises too….weird. But Zlatan coming to the MLS is only good for the league, only thing that could make it better is promotion and relegation but that’s a completely different story.

Zlatan is going to be a jersey-selling machine he is still top 5 in the premiere league for jersey sales… This guy is a fucking legend. Zlatan being in LA is just going to mean big business for anyone that uses his name or image. I think he is going to be one of the easiest money making schemes the MLS has gotten since David Beckham came into the league (Weird for LA Galaxy). Not only is he going to make them MILLIONS of dollars just for showing up in La, but it’s Zlatan Fucking Ibrahimovic… If you think he wont come into the league and end up in the top goal scorers you are crazy. This dude is going to come into LA with his huge personality and the people are going to love him. He is known for winning trophies all over the world, as well as La Galaxy is known for making long runs in the MLS. Zlatan is only going to improve everything about the game in LA and hopefully brings out the soccer fans in more of us. He is going to come scoring bags of goals, and making millions of women question their relationships because Zlatan has come to America.

If my opinion doesn’t change your mind lets just look at some statistics. Over the past 5 years Zlatan has made 145 league appearances for PSG and Manchester united in those 145 appearances he has scored 130 goals. (113 goals in 117 appearances for PSG and 17 goals in 28 appearances for Manchester United) Still not convinced? Over Zlatans entire career he has won with several clubs tons of major trophies, last year winning the Europa League title with Manchester United it brought him to the grand total of 33 major tropies… there are only two other players on the planet with more major trophies now this doesn’t count individual trophies only club because if individual trophies counted he would be even higher. The only men above him are Ryan Giggs and believe it or not Brazillian left back Mawell.(Maxwell is lucky to be on the teams he was at the right times…) Now if you aren’t convinced you are just a hater so let me just run through some other things very quickly. Zlatan has won a trophy in every season of his career since 2001 (That’s 17 years people), he has won the league in 13 of 15 seasons he has played abroad, he has won the league in 4 countries tied for the most by a player, he won a consecutive 8 league titles (not with the same clubs), hes been a part of the UEFA team of the year, puskas award winner, golden boot award winner, he is an 11 time Swedish player of the year 10 of those being consecutive wins(2007-2016), and finally in the elite club of scoring on both sides of the Milan derby.

If this isn’t enough to get you excited for Zlatan in America I don’t know what is. This is the greatest person to come to America since Christopher Columbus thought he was hitting India and accidentally rediscovered America. Bottom line is Zlatan Ibrahimovic is coming to bless the MLS and hopefully bring it to the next level. America there is a reason that Zlatan is coming to America and to change the game. Let us never forget… “There’s only one Zlatan”


These are all my opinions agree or disagree I am always right, I am never wrong, even when I am wrong I am right. 67% of the time everytime I am right. To chat shit reach out to me on twitter @shopaaj. Stay Wavy.

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